July 19, 2022

Who are the centennials? Understanding their characteristics and impact in the workplace

From baby boomers, to generation X, all the way up to millennials, each age group has their own characteristics and their distinct way to act. That also applies for one of the youngest generations: centennials. But, is it really all that important? Yes! It is important in a context where centennials will make up to 27% of the job market by 2025.  

So, as you can imagine, getting to know them will help you have a better perspective of the professional world that is about to come. Do you know what are the main characteristics of centennials? At T2W we have an extensive experience in the world of Human Resources and talent management. If you are wondering who are centennials, here we will take a closer look at this generation and their main characteristics in the workplace. 

Who are centennials? 

When we talk about centennials, we refer to generation Z: people born between 1997 and 2012. The term centennials come from the fact that this is the first generation that has been born in this century. They currently make up the 25% of the people in America and many of them are between 18 and 25 years old.  

Characteristics of centennials in the workplace 

1. They are digital natives 

If there is one characteristic that can define centennials in the world of work, that is their natural ability to connect with technology. We must keep in mind that this generation also fits within the group called, iGen: people who have spent most of their lives with a smartphone. This marks the professional profile this generation has. They are people who had contact with technology almost since birth, so technology-related careers don’t sound complex of distant for them. 

That is not a minor detail if we consider that modern organizations are in a process of digital transformation. In this context, IT professionals are the most desired candidates, and some of the most difficult to find. This suggests that centennials will be a pivotal age group for companies that want to adapt to the changes caused by technology. 

2. They are lifelong learners 

They are lifelong learners 

For people born from 1997 on, the world they know is never the same. They have always had a direct contact with technology; since a very early age, they have seen the way each year the electronic devices they knew would become faster and with better features. The world they know changes and renews itself due to the boost of technology in almost all aspects of their life, which includes the world of work. 

As a result, settling with their current knowledge for centennials is to lose competitiveness; staying in the comfort zone is to become obsolete. That moves them to keep learning and they have an ace up their sleeve: The internet. Through the internet, they can access an almost limitless volume of information. That fosters their curiosity and their need to keep learning. 

3. Their values are important 

Yes, we all have a set of values that directs our actions. However, for centennials, those moral guidelines are especially important. These not only have influence over their personal life, but also can affect their professional path. In fact, their personal values are a key aspect when it comes to looking for a job. 

More often than not, the ethical side of things can be overlooked by some organizations; especially the companies that want to achieve their objectives regardless of the means. That is inacceptable for most centennials. They need to know they work for a company that shares the same values and the way of doing things. For that reason, the organizational culture will be an aspect they will pay attention to during the first days in a job. 

4. They want to create a change 

Since they have grown with more access to information, centennials are totally aware of the issues in the world. This forces them to be part of the change through their actions, which includes their career. They can’t overlook relevant issues in the world today such as environment, equality, diversity and inclusion.  

For that reason, it’s important for them to work for a company that can help them create the change they want to see in the world. This is why organizations today should pay attention to culture, which affects their way of acting, but also to employer branding, which influence outside perception. That could help you attract them to your organization. 

Now you know who are centennials and what are their main characteristics in the world of work. Little by little, the generation Z will start to lead the way in the current professional landscape.  

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