March 21, 2022

How to Recruit IT Talent in 3 Essential Steps

In today’s digital world, the IT department is one of the most integral parts of any business, as it can place your company at the top of potential success. The fast-paced nature of the digital age can be a wonder for those who can master it, but it can lead you to be left behind just as quickly. So, are you and your company really planning to leave IT talent recruitment to chance? 

If the answer is no, as it must be, take notes of the next steps that we have for you in Talent2Win. They will teach you how to recruit the ideal IT talent. 

3 Key Steps for Recruiting IT Talent  

 1. Forget What You Know About Typical Recruitment Methods

The first step is to stop relying simply on a candidate’s resume and confirm that this talent is familiar with the systems currently used. It is normal for an in-house HR department to base their recruitment decisions on the qualifications or formal education of potential candidates, but you will not find the perfect talent for your company there, trust us. 

Professionals who work in this field are almost always innovative learners and do not necessarily have studies in prestigious institutions or, if that is the case, they do not decide to apply for jobs through traditional channels. It is almost impossible to discover the diamond employee or potential candidates with the ability to be quick learners using these methods. 

While contingency recruitment can be helpful in the process of selecting a candidate for an IT position, creative recruiters tend to get the best results. 

 2. Source a Great Talent Pipeline

Cómo construir una canalización de talento eficaz

Once you have freed yourself from the constraints of traditional recruiting methods, building a strong talent pipeline is a key consideration for your company. This will not only help you identify potential candidates who are actively looking for a job, but also the “passive” ones, those who would be interesting to have on your radar. 

A great motivation for taking the time to build a strong talent pool is the promise of greatly reducing the amount of time it will take to fill positions the next time one arises. For example, there are the cases of those talents that suited your company’s culture but do not fit the position you are currently looking for. Would it be a good idea to discard them completely or do you not think it would better to save their profiles for later? 

We need to warn you that building and fostering a strong talent pipeline isn’t necessarily the easiest thing to do as it takes time, effort, and maintenance. Considering the quick evolution of IT-based systems, keeping this database up to date can be very challenging, but we assure you it will be totally worth it. 

For this purpose, technology will coincidentally be a great ally, as talent pipelines powered by Artificial Intelligence can accelerate the process of finding the right fit and help you reduce the potential of human error.  

  • How to build an effective talent pipeline? 

Talent can be found even under the rocks, so talent pools from many different areas must be gathered. From social media to referrals, keeping track of even people who previously applied for another position but were unsuccessful or unsuitable for that role. Maybe at that moment, it was not their moment, but now it is. 

  • What if you do not have time to build an in-house talent pipeline? 

We understand that this is one of the biggest concerns for many companies. It is more common than it seems because the sources of Human Resources departments are often not enough, or they can even fall back into the bad practices of hiring due to little expertise in certain specific profiles. 

However, this is a very easy problem to solve. A great, simple and easy solution is to hire a Talent Acquisition company to do the leg work and choose the final fit from the small selection of candidates. This will speed up the hiring process, thanks to the existing talent pool that these agencies, like us, work with.  

At Talent2Win, we have the best experts to understand any need and know how to recruit the IT talent that would suit them best to your company. 

3. Sort through your talent pool to find the right fit 

After identifying a talent pool, then begins the process of narrowing down the numbers to recruit the best IT talent. This is one of the hardest tasks because, as we previously mentioned, it is not always clear which candidates will be able to quickly learn the IT systems your company uses or who will adapt appropriately to your company’s atmosphere. 

For that reason, at Talent2Win we use Artificial Intelligence to quickly and accurately identify passive and active candidates within talent pools, optimizing the way to discover as soon as possible who will fulfill the needs of your organization. 

Our aim is to learn everything about the culture, goals, values, and personality of your company in order to find the candidate you have always dreamed of. We want your firm to be successful and grow within your industry, so we understand your needs and, therefore, use the best tools and professionals to search on your behalf, also offering support and advice throughout the whole process. 

At Talent2Win, we strive to align your company’s business objectives with the best Talent Acquisition strategies available. If you want to learn more about the services we offer, do not hesitate to contact us. 

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