Instead of looking for new employees by yourself, we can handle all your recruitment processes for you. We can find the best talent for your company in a fast and efficient way.

RPO not only means you will be free of the recruitment activities, but you will also have the support of a specialized team. Each company is a different world and the hiring needs will be different as well.

Many companies choose this service for different reasons: their Human Resources area does not have enough or proper experience, they do not have enough time or capacity to take action, or their candidate target group is particularly difficult to hire.

As specialists, we know how to define what you need in your organization in the recruitment and talent acquisition field.

e - RPO

We have taken the management of the traditional RPO service and digitalized it in the cloud thanks to our ATS Premium (applicant tracking system). We work with technology such as Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, machine learning, and Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

This allow our clients to make an online follow up of the processes, help us reduce the time of the processes, use predictive modelling and have a wider candidate reach, among other benefits.

We have given this digital transformation of the classic RPO model the name of e-RPO.

The ”Right Fit”

Benefits of working with us


We listen and give visibility to our clients throughout the candidates’ hiring process.


We enhance good candidate experience by keeping the right communication with the applicants.


We pay attention and enhance employer branding for all of our clients.


Our expertise and the use of first-class technology (AI, Cloud Based technology, Machine Learning and Big Data), allow us to offer faster processes.

candidate reach

Due to the use of an ATS (Applicant Tracking System), we have access to a wide scope of qualified candidates.


We look for ways to improve the quality of all our processes, deliverables and experiences in order to reach the “Right Fit”. We focus on providing value and exceeding expectations.

Individual, group and large-scale processes

We propose optimized solutions for any type of processes and phases within the complete processes of our clients.

Feedback and continuous improvement

We use satisfaction surveys designed to measure and improve the experience of the elements selected by the client: service talent and team.

Assessment center

We offer digital solutions of assessment that allow us to evaluate and manage the results in a dynamic way. We make use of different techniques such as gamification, role-plays, and case studies, among others.

Talent Lab

Our talent innovation laboratory integrates the preliminary candidate mapping, candidate prediction results, and a portfolio of apt and hired talent.

Data driven services

All our services are data driven. We organize them, analyze them and interpret them in order to make better decisions, optimize our processes, deliverables and operations.

State-of-the-art digital solutions

We use innovative digital strategies and the latest technology such as RPA (Robotic Process Automation) or AI (Artificial intelligence), always looking for new ways to deliver perfection in all our services.

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