November 30, 2021

Emerging Recruitment Trends for 2024

Companies need to adapt to current changes to keep their operations and competitiveness. Today the workstyle can change significantly, as well as the characteristics of the modern talent: We are now in the era of digital native candidates. 

This makes necessary to delve deep into the new emerging recruitment trends for 2024. Changes are inevitable for any organization. Far from a problem, this represents the opportunity to improve your processes and implement actions that can take your company to the next level. At T2W, we are a recruitment agency with extensive experience in talent acquisition, so we always keep an eye on the future.  

Recruiting Trends: What is new for 2024? 

Since in-house working is no longer the norm, it follows logically that modern recruiting would transform alongside, branching into the new (and potentially scary) world of completely digital Talent Acquisition. More and more, businesses and Talent Acquisition companies are turning to cloud-based recruitment software, video interview platforms, and other AI recruiting tools.  

Some of the clearest examples of new Talent Acquisition and recruitment trends in 2024 are as follows:  

Recruiting Trend #1: Centennials in the work world 

Centennials at work

When we talk about centennials, we refer to generation Z: people born between 1997 and 2012. Most of them are currently making their first contact with the work world.  What are the characteristics of centennials? Well, are digital native. They have spent most of their lives surrounded by technology, so they are more familiar with it that most candidates. 

Since they belong to a different generation, they look for a different set of characteristics in the organizations they apply to. For them is really important to keep growing their career, so they look for an organization where they can keep learning new things or access new positions. On the hand, they want to work for a company that has the same values as them through the organizational culture 

Recruiting Trend #2: Blind Recruitment 

This is a recruitment approach that will definitely be used more frequently is blind recruitment, also known as anonymous recruitment. Keep in mind that we all have some type of bias in recruitment, but we don’t notice it. Also, we must consider the growing need for diversity and inclusion as company policy in most modern organizations. These factors turn blind recruitment into an important personnel selection trend for 2024. 

Through blind recruitment, you stop paying attention to candidate’s personal details. What kind of information? The type that is not related to skills, experience or knowledge such as names, gender, address or college. This helps us have more fair processes and finding the ideal candidate. The best part is that this can be easily done with a good ATS system. 

Recruiting Trend #3: Candidate Experience 

Candidate experience is extremely important to maintain. Whether the candidate is successful or unsuccessful, the experience directly affects the way that your brand is perceived from the outside. Luckily, with the digitalization of the recruitment process, you can work to combat this by improving the speed and accuracy of your decisions. In order to provide a great candidate experience, you must ensure that you are open, honest, and sincere about you and your company at every step of the recruitment process. 

Recruiting Trend #4: Changing skill needs 

The new normal brings about a daunting change in the skills required to work, as the skills that both you and the candidate need differ from what was needed a year ago and are potentially different from what will be needed a year from now. Identifying changes in skills that follow emerging trends is important, and so is the ability to identify a candidate who is constantly learning and pushing to be on the top of their game, now more than ever.  

In order to make full use of digital tools that are the new normal, from artificial intelligence to the cloud, you need digital skills. Investing heavily in cloud-based recruitment and a digital onboarding process is a good choice, but without the necessary skills to execute it, you will swiftly find yourself up a creek without a paddle, and significantly out of pocket for your trouble.

Adapt to change

What sets a great company apart from a good one is the ability to adapt to new goals. 

Recruiting Trend #5: Employer Branding and Culture 

While it may be true that simply jumping into telecommuting may affect the organizational culture you have worked so hard to build, if you approach it with thought, care, and an effort to include your remote workers into the company culture, then you stand a solid chance to create a digital family. Consider investing time in integrating new hires into the company culture with social activities such as online coffee breaks or online games and quizzes.  

This is an important point to consider, as studies have shown that remote workers are often less engaged, and workers who are less engaged are more likely to change jobs or seek another position.  It is also true that a strong company culture will allow you to attract better talent, even if you cannot afford the higher pay packet.  

Talent Acquisition and its Place in 2024 

The concept of adapting to new goals is more prevalent than ever when it comes to Talent Acquisition in 2024. The ability to adapt to the new goals and objectives as well as finding a way to compensate for unmet goals of previous years is something that may be challenging for you as you adapt your company to the remote world.  

Remote Talent Acquisition is not a new concept. In fact, Talent Acquisition companies such as Talent2Win have been honing their digital acquisition process since the introduction of artificial intelligence to modern recruitment methodologies. From navigating the complicated onboarding process to identifying the benefits of remote work, the ability to adapt the traditional styles of recruitment to an online platform provides a faster, more agile and more efficient Talent Acquisition process.  

While there will inevitably be some Talent Acquisition firms and recruitment agencies that fall foul to the emerging recruitment trends of 2024, some are primed and ready to tackle the new challenges. In Talent2Win, we have been fostering the use of digital tools since the inception of the company and our process has been completely digital since before it was cool/necessary.  

This means that we are ahead of the new Talent Acquisition trends. Our cloud-based recruitment software and the skills required to navigate it are already established, meaning that we can provide a platform that is more than simply adapting. We have been working on making the process faster and more linear by employing the use of AI recruiting tools and a totally transparent hiring process.  

In the wake of the pandemic, we have been able to adjust our focus to ensuring that candidates and clients are ready and able to translate their skills into a remote working environment while tracking the selection and recruitment process using our already established tools for remote work.  

At Talent2Win, we strive to align your company’s business objectives with the best Talent Acquisition strategies available. If you want to learn more about the services we offer, do not hesitate to contact us.      

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