March 21, 2022

What is digital transformation in Human Resources?

In the last years, we have seen a significant change in the world of Human Resources. Due to the many technological advances we see almost every day, we have tools that simplify many of our daily tasks. Additionally, after the impact the pandemic had on businesses, it became evident that adopting such technologies was a top priority for modern organizations.  

As a result, businesses are facing the challenge of adopting technology or becoming outdated. Here is where the digital transformation comes into play. Do you want to know more about it? Here we break down the most important aspects of the digital transformation in Human Resources. 

What is the digital transformation? 

Let’s start with the main question: What does digital transformation mean? We can see it as the process of integrating digital technology into each area of an organization. The main objective is to leverage technology to offer better services, a higher value for the customers and improve the company’s operations. 

What is digital transformation in Human Resources? 

When it comes to this specific area, digital transformation in HR aims to adopt new technologies and apply them in the processes of the Human Resources area. What does it mean? Well, the possibilities this process offers are many. To start, technology helps to automate many processes of this area and reduce the time invested in repetitive tasks. 

On the other hand, it is possible to have a better data management in every process due to technologies such as Big Data. In a field where you work with an endless amount of data from employees and candidates, being able to process information more efficiently is a major asset. 

Lastly, it’s important noticing that this process is not the same for everyone. Each organization has a different capacity to integrate technology into its operations. Therefore, the difficulty level and the time it will take to integrate technology will vary. 

Implementing digital transformation 

Integrating technology into the organizations is not a new concept for modern standards. However, this is usually done in very specific aspects of an organization. The digital transformation entails a more comprehensive project. Additionally, a true digital transformation has to be a carefully planned process. If you think that it just means adding one or two digital tools to your processes, then you are mistaken.  

Analysis and objectives 

You cannot begin a digital transformation process without identifying first the areas in which you will implement such changes. Therefore, the first step is making an internal analysis and finding the company areas that would benefit from technology. According to these results, you can set the objectives you want to achieve with technology and what tools will be the most appropriate. 

The importance of employees 

When we talk about digital transformation in Human Resources, this process should never leave out employees. In fact, these must be a main focus. Why? Because they are the ones who will have direct contact with the technology adopted by the organization. This is why they should test the tools before adopting them into the company. 

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The role of the culture 

It is not enough with setting objectives and identifying tools. All the people in the organization have to be willing to adopt that technology and that can be worked from the organizational culture. For that purpose, the work philosophy encouraged by the company has to be focused on digital tools and promote curiosity towards new technologies.  

Tools for the digital transformation in Human Resources 

Tools for the digital transformation in Human Resources

We can find many useful digital tools for the Human Resources area. Here we’ll show you the most essential ones. 

1. Applicant Tracking System 

Applicant Tracking Systems, commonly known just as ATS, are software that simplifies and optimize the recruitment process. It can be useful in each stage of the recruitment process: finding candidates, analyzing them, communicating with them, etc. That’s why this is such an important tool for any talent acquisition company that really wants to embrace the digital transformation. 

2. Human Resource Information System 

We also have the Human Resource Information Systems, commonly referred as HRIS. This software handles all the internal management of the Human Resources. It can store and manage large volumes of employee’s information. Also, this can help with the onboarding process, training and the development of employees, among many other features. 

3. Online workspaces 

It is impossible to speak about integrating a business into a digital environment without taking into account an online workspace. This is a set of programs and applications usually offered in packages and integrated with each other. These enable the work of teams or organizations in a completely digital environment.  

For example, we have options such as Google Cloud or Microsoft 365, which offer online workspaces equipped with everything your team will need. Common features are messaging apps, videoconferences, storage space in the cloud and many other. 

Now you know what is the digital transformation in Human Resources. As you can see, this is a process that offers many possibilities for modern businesses. The organizations that do not adapt to these changes will be left behind. 

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