May 8, 2023

How to improve employee experience?

From the moment a person is hired until the moment the employment relationship ends, all employees will have a certain impression of the organization they work for. This will be based on the interactions the person has with the organization. More often than not, some companies forget the importance of creating an attractive experience all along the employment relationship and not just at the beginning. 

Do you know how to improve the experience you offer people within an organization? At T2W we have extensive experience in talent management and human resources, so we can help you. In this article, we’ll delve into employee experience and how to improve it. 

What is employee experience? 

Employee experience is made of all the interactions people have with the organization in which they work. Employee experience starts forming from the moment the employee enters the organization and it lasts until the end of the employment relationship. It’s important noticing that this experience is not always the same. In fact, it can change significantly. 

As time goes on and people get to really understand company culture, the experience they have working there can get better or worse. This is why it’s good to keep always checking this factor in the organization. In that regard, companies should implement the necessary actions to improve this experience through the specific dimensions of employee experience. 

How to create a good employee experience’ 

1. A good candidate experience 

As we all know, first impressions are important. The initial impression future employees will have about a company form during the recruitment process. While these candidates are not yet part of the organization, if they get the job, the treatment they received during this process will affect directly their impression of the company. 

A good candidate experience will help you build a good relationship with all future employees before day 1 and leave a good impression. This can be done through close contact with all applicants and frequent communication during the recruitment process. 

2. A good onboarding process 

The onboarding process begins once the new employee is hired. If you want to offer good employee experience, this is one of the employee lifecycle stages you can’t overlook. While there are many specific actions you should implement to offer a good onboarding process, the key is in the sincere cordiality of all interactions.  

You need to start by answering all the questions newcomers will have, and there is no doubt there will be questions.  Then you need to help them familiarize themselves with the way people work in the company and make them feel part of the team. The more attention you put on the onboarding process, the better the experience will be. 

3. Career development opportunities 

You probably are familiar with upskilling and reskilling in human resources. These are becoming increasingly relevant since today people place special value on professional development. A company that offers such benefits to its employees is definitely a company that provides good employee experience. 

To achieve that, organizations must put time and effort into training constantly all employees and giving them the opportunity to broaden their knowledge and renew it. Of course, this should be part of a comprehensive human resources management strategy. Companies that can successfully create a culture based on constant professional development are the ones that offer the best experience. 

4. Respect for the work schedule 

A modern problem in the work world is the growing disregard of some employers for the work schedule. It’s terrible to see how often supervisors and bosses keep assigning tasks once the working hours are over. This is a negative habit that increased due to the standardization of remote working. 

All companies focused on offering good employee experience must eradicate this trend. To achieve that, the respect people have for the stablished working hours must come from company culture and managerial positions. This way, it’s less likely to have team leaders adopting this terrible habit. 

5. A culture of feedback 

Finally, it’s always necessary to ask employees for their opinions regarding what’s being done correctly in the company and what could be improved. More often than not, the best ideas about offering a good employee experience come from people working in the organization. The single fact of requesting feedback speaks about the importance of employees’ opinions for the company. 

The best method to ask for feedback is online surveys. These are very easy to create and quick to answer. In fact, you shouldn’t just use online surveys to ask for ideas, but you can also use these if there has been an important change in the organization. It helps you measure the extent of the changes and their impact on employees. 

Now you know what employee experience is and how to improve it. If you include these factors inside a comprehensive human resources strategy that aligns with the company objectives, you will be able to provide great employee experience.  

At Talent2Win, we strive to align your company’s business objectives with the best Talent Acquisition strategies available. If you want to learn more about the services we offer, do not hesitate to contact us.       

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