September 22, 2022

What is marketing recruitment and how does it work?

Nowadays, attracting a good number of candidates for a position in an organization is getting increasingly difficult. Some age groups such as Millennials and Centennials are very specific when it comes to choosing the working style and benefits they want in a job. It gets even more complicated when we have to find IT professionals for technology-related positions. In the current scenario of changes in the world of Human Resources, there is a tool that can help us and it’s called marketing recruitment.   

What do you know about marketing recruitment? At Talent2Win we have an extensive experience in recruitment and talent acquisition, so we are familiar with this subject. In this article, we will take a look at marketing recruitment and how to implement it in an organization. 

What is marketing recruitment?

What is marketing recruitment

Marketing recruitment is a recruitment methodology that implements many concepts and processes usually seen in the world of digital marketing. The main objective is to get the highest number possible of candidates to apply for a job position in the organization. In that regard, marketing recruitment is a concept that fits perfectly with most external recruitment methods.  

Components of marketing recruitment 

For a good recruitment strategy to work efficiently, you need to include a series of elements. Here we show you two of the main components that will help you make the most of marketing recruitment. 

1. Employer branding 

Any good marketing recruitment strategy must begin with the creation of a good employer branding. The concept of employer branding is the image the company shows externally. This has a direct influence over the perception potential candidates will have when they come into contact with the organization. Having a good employer branding or the lack thereof can strengthen or undermine a recruitment strategy. Now, how can you create a good employer branding? 

Internal analysis 

It all begins with paying attention to employees inside the organization. After all, if you want a good external image, you need to start by improving your inner working. In that sense, the initial step is understanding employees’ needs inside the company. This will tell you which internal policies are working and which ones need some improvement. 

External analysis 

After the internal analysis, you need to conduct research inside the job market. The objective now is to understand what professionals expect today from a company in terms of benefits, working style and wellness. These elements will change with time creating new trends. Getting to know the current needs in the workforce will help you adapt according to the parameters in the job market. 

 Competitive analysis 

Finally, you need a benchmark to identify the actions your main competitors have implemented regarding the image they have created for potential candidates, as well as their policies for employees. This will give you valuable data. With these initial actions that focus on employees, the job market and your competitors, you will be able to define a more competitive employer branding. 

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2. Social media recruitment 

Another component you have to include inside a recruitment marketing strategy is social media recruitment. While this is pretty much a standard in current times, in most companies it lacks the depth of a comprehensive recruitment strategy for social media.  The main objective is reaching a good number of people and increase the number of candidates. However, this works better if you work with a long-term strategy. 

The right social media 

To create a strategy correctly, you need to start by researching what are the most effective social media platforms for the types of candidates you need to reach. Not all alternatives will give you the same results. While LinkedIn is a must-have for recruiters today, you should look beyond. Try to find niche platforms that some professionals in specific fields tend to use.  

Valuable content 

Once you have identified the right platforms the next step is working on your image through those platforms. You can do that by implementing a social media content strategy. It must be focused on the needs of potential candidates. It’s important address the subjects that are relevant for them, what they need and what they like. If you offer valuable content, your potential candidates will remember you.  

Social media image 

You can also use these social platforms to show your work style, the benefits you offer and the way you value employee wellness. All these are policies you have already defined when you created your employer branding. If possible, interact with the people and show the personality of your brand.  With time, these actions will help you create a strong talent pool. 

Now you know recruitment marketing and how to implement it in an organization. Keep in mind the best strategies are the ones implemented with patience and perseverance. With a little effort, the results of recruitment marketing will pay off. 

At Talent2Win, we strive to align your company’s business objectives with the best Talent Acquisition strategies available. If you want to learn more about the services we offer, do not hesitate to contact us.  

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