April 21, 2022

What is inbound recruitment and how does it work?

Nowadays, the world of personnel recruitment is beginning to embrace strategies and methodologies from other professional fields to grow and become more efficient. That is great for recruiters since it gives us new tools to have a talent acquisition process that is faster and simpler. Is from this amalgamation of ideas that we have the concept of inbound recruitment. 

Have you ever heard about inbound recruiting? This is a great way to find top talent. In this article, we will delve deep into this concept and the way it works. In order to grasp the full extent of the inbound recruitment methodology, we have to make a brief stop in the world of marketing and take a look at the inbound methodology. Don’t worry, this is a very simple concept. 

What is inbound methodology? 

This methodology comes from digital marketing and focuses on making contact with people at the beginning of the sales process and stay with them until the final purchase has been done. For that purpose, there is a four-step process: attracting visitors to the company’s webpage, turn them into potential customers, completing a transaction with them and, finally, turn them into regular customers and brand ambassadors. 

So, with the inbound methodology, marketing professionals try to increase the number of visitors to the business webpage and increase sales. Very simple, isn’t it? Now, if we apply the same methodology into the world of recruitment and the result will be inbound recruitment. 

What is inbound recruitment? 

We can define inbound recruiting as the methodology that, inspired by inbound marketing methodology, focuses on making the company more attractive for talent. That way, potential candidates reach the organization on their own and we save time and effort looking for qualified professionals. 

Just like with inbound marketing, when it comes to inbound recruitment we need to follow a series of orderly steps. First, we need to reach and attract passive candidates. Then, we make contact with them and try to turn them into potential candidates. The next step is to hire the talent that has been identified and attracted. Finally, we turn the newly hired employee into a brand ambassador. 

Inbound recruitment methodology 

Inbound recruitment methodology

As we previously said, the inbound recruitment strategy follows a four-step process. Let’s give the steps a closer look. 

1. Attract 

The first step is the attraction of passive candidates. Here the goal is to reach top candidates that aren’t looking for a job yet, but who might do it eventually. For that purpose, we use channels and strategies that are frequently used in marketing. For example, we use social networks to attract and interact with professionals who have useful profiles for the organization. 

Likewise, through the company blog we create valuable content for the professionals we are focusing on. The goal for all these actions is to attract talent and channel it to the organization’s webpage. By providing content of value, your brand will have a renowned and trustworthy image for professionals in your field. 

2. Convert 

Once the visitors get to the webpage, the next step is to turn them into potential candidates. To do that, you can use the webpage as a platform to show why your organization is a good place to work, as well as your work philosophy, and your company values. For this reason, it’s always necessary to have a defined organizational culture. 

You should notice that to implement the inbound recruitment methodology you need to create an employer branding strategy. After all, if you are looking to attract more professionals and top talent, creating a positive image around your brand will be key. 

3. Hiring 

The next step is creating a database with all the potential candidates you have found using the channels mentioned above. This is the perfect way to create and nurture your talent pool, as well as speeding up the whole recruitment and hiring process. 

Since you want top candidates to get to the final stages of the recruitment process and be hired, the treat they receive will be key. Here is where the concept of candidate experience enters the picture. This prevents the best candidates to drop the process. 

4. Engage 

Finally, the fourth step requires engaging your newly hired employees so they can be brand ambassadors. To do that, you need to offer newcomers the best welcome possible. Also, you have to implement a culture of employee wellbeing and some other similar actions focused on enhancing employee experience. This way, they will assume voluntarily the role of brand ambassadors. 

Now you know what is inbound recruitment and the way it works in a recruitment strategy. This is a methodology that can help you find and hire top talent. 

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