February 19, 2022

How Can I Have a Good Employer Branding Strategy?

Did you know that 84% of people think that brand reputation is a key factor before selecting a company to work for? That is not a minor detail. The reason is that nowadays the labor force is mainly comprised of millennials who are more selective when it comes to choosing an employer.  

Therefore, if companies want to optimize their talent inquisition and recruitment process, it is necessary to have a good employer branding strategy. However, this is a slightly unknown concept and not many organizations give it the attention it requires. 

What is employer branding? 

In essence, employer branding focuses on optimizing the company’s reputation regarding the possible employees. In doing so, the organization creates a brand that offers people the perfect place to work. 

How much care do you put in creating your employer brand? If you don’t have one properly developed or if you want to optimize the one you already have, in this article we will give you some tips to improve your employer branding. 

Employer branding tips

Employer branding tips

1. Start with a research

You won’t be able to create or refocus your employer branding plan if you don’t know the needs of the labor force inside the current labor market. Therefore, one of the first steps you have to make is conducting a series of research. 

Start by gathering data about your potential employees because a good employer branding must be focused on workers. Through this research, you must know what it is that your prospects are looking for in an organization. 

This must be a comprehensive research and focus completely on employees’ needs. Some of the variables you cannot overlook are the average salary they are expecting to receive, the work modality that better suits them, their impressions about the ideal labor environment, continuous education possibilities inside the organization and professional development. 

The research wouldn’t be complete if you only focus on your potential employees. In order to have a better understanding of what needs to be done in terms of employer branding, you have also to pay attention to the actions your competition implements on this matter. 

Pay attention to the hits and misses your competition has. If they have implemented actions that seem to offer good results in terms of their image as employers, copy them. Also, identify all those aspects that could be improved and optimize them. With all the information collected, you are in position to develop a better strategy.

2. Request feedback

You have checked the needs of your potential employees, now it’s time to do the same with your current employees. Your workers can become one of the most important promoters your brand will have if you pay attention to their needs and ideas. 

You must collect the thoughts of your employees regarding their perception of the organization. Are they comfortable with the current policies? What aspects do they think could be improved? 

You should make online surveys regularly to measure possible changes in employee’s perception with time and make the necessary changes. In some cases, allowing the surveys to be anonymous turns out to be effective to receive more genuine responses.

3. Create a good onboarding process

Since employee perception is so important for creating an employer brand, you must enhance the integration of new workers with the organization and the work team from the first day. To achieve that, there is nothing better than a good onboarding process. 

The purpose of onboarding is to help employees to adapt fast and successfully to the new organization. With a better integration to the company and the work team, employee satisfaction rises. That is the best way to turn workers into brand ambassadors.

4. Create a defined organizational culture

Having a good employer brand will be very difficult without a clear organizational culture. Organizational culture is the collection of principles that define the company’s philosophy, its values and its way of working. 

In this case, it’s better to crate your organizational culture around the results obtained in the research we talked about in the first item of this list. That way you get a better idea of how to create a brand identity that is attractive in the eyes of potential employees.

5. Increase your online presence

Digital media gives you the perfect space for strengthening and building an employer brand strategy. For example, with the social media you can create a positive reputation that has influence over possible employees. 

 Keep in mind that most of people will check the organization’s Facebook or LinkedIn page before applying for a job. Therefore, you will see good results if you increase your online presence in the social networks that best align with your company’s identity. 

However, your online presence goes beyond social networks. You can also offer free content of value from your website. Think of formats such as videos or blog posts that offer useful information related to your organization’s field and, at the same time, showing a little of your brand identity. 

These are some of the best actions you can implement to have a good employer brand strategy. Apply them into your organization and you will see positive results. 

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