January 13, 2022

What is employer branding in HR?

In the current Human Resources world, it is not a secret that the difficulty level to find and recruit talent has increased. For that reason, modern talent recruitment agencies constantly look for new ways to access a steady flow of potential employees. Is in that context that the concept of employer branding appears as a possible solution. 

Do you know what is employer branding in HR? This is a trend that has not been fully embraced in the world of Human Resources, but has a great potential. In this article of T2W we will tell you all you need to know about this relevant concept. 

In order to understand the meaning of employer branding, we need to understand what is branding itself and all it entails. Let’s dive into this interesting concept! 

What is branding? 

In general, branding is a marketing concept that focuses on designing and building a brand with which clients can identify. For that purpose, aspects such as the business logo, brand colors, marketing strategies, advertisement, company identity and many others are taken into account. 

Based on those and some other factors, the company can implement measures aiming to influence the perception of the brand in the public, so that it can be attractive and connect with the audience. 

Ok, but what does it has to do with employer branding? Branding as such focuses on creating a brand identity that can be attractive in an external way: only for consumers. However, employees inside the organization and people that might end up working in the business are also relevant for the company. That is where the concept of employer branding comes in. 

What is employer branding? 

What is employer branding

Employer brand is the perception that current or potential employees might have on the company. Therefore, the objective here is to create a brand image that helps to attract and retain qualified talent. 

Now you might be wondering: and how can I have a good employer branding? Some key factors are offering a good onboarding process to new employees, taking into account current employees’ opinions, held events in order to generate interest in the brand, increase online presence, among other strategies. 

When is created correctly, employer branding can help companies reduce the effort invested on talent acquisition, since the brand can get to be well-known and also attractive to people. 

It’s important to mention that employer branding is a concept that must be applied all along the employment relation with the employee and not, as many people seem to believe, just at the beginning. In other words: it must be taken into account since the initial stages of the selection process up until the very ending of the employment relation. 

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Importance of employer branding 

First, employer branding will help you find the talent your business needs. Potential employees will favor you over other companies due to the image you have created around your brand and the attractive perspective of working for your organization. 

Also, employer branding allows you to retain well trained and capable employees. This is not a minor benefit since qualified talent is getting increasingly difficult to recruit. That significantly relieves the pressure of finding and selecting the right talent. 

Likewise, you must also consider that employees are often promoters of the company they work for, which contributes to word-of-mouth marketing. That’s why having a good employer brand is so important. 

Last but not least, we need to consider the Millennial factor. It is estimated that by 2022, the 50% of the labor force will be made of this age group. It is no secret that this generation tends to be very selective while choosing a company to work for. 

For Millennials, company values, social responsibility and employee wellbeing are among the factors they value the most while selecting their next employer. In that context, companies with a defined set of values, aware of their impact in the surrounding and offering flexibility to employees will become a potential talent magnet. 

Now you know what employee branding means and why is it so important today. As you can see, this is a current trend that can offer many benefits and will be set as a standard for modern companies in a few months. 

At Talent2Win, we strive to align your company’s business objectives with the best Talent Acquisition strategies available. If you want to learn more about the services we offer, do not hesitate to contact us. 


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