June 17, 2022

What is RPA in Human Resources?

As a Human Resources professional, how much time do you usually spend checking and rating resumes? Personnel recruitment is one of the most important processes for businesses, and one of the most time-consuming. Wouldn’t it be great to streamline some of the tasks you have to complete daily? That can be achieved thanks to the RPA in Human Resources. 

Have you heard about this concept? This is technology available today that can help you a lot in several tasks of the Human Resources area. At T2W we use technology in all our processes, so we fully understand this concept. In this article we explore the RPA in Human Resources and its several uses. 

What is RPA? 

RPA stands for Robotic Process Automation, which is technology that can automate repetitive tasks. RPA is used in several professional fields with great results. The precision and speed with which a machine can perform this activities increases business productivity significantly. These systems are diverse, but they usually use state-of-the-art technology such as machine learning and natural language processing (NLP).  

What is HR process automation? 

Throughout the employee life cycle, there are countless repetitive tasks that Human Resources professionals must deal with. With the Robotic Process Automation it’s possible to complete many of these tasks and optimize processes. As a result, employees are free from monotonous tasks, so they can focus on other tasks. Here we show you some of the processes that RPA can streamline inside the Human Resources area. 

1. Candidate evaluation 

As you know, the recruitment process requires a series of detailed and repetitive steps, many of which can be automated with this technology. For instance, with RPA it’s possible to receive resumes, organize them and send emails to communicate with candidates. Additionally, it’s also possible to filter applicants according to their skills and other related characteristics. 

In fact, that is a feature most ATS in recruitment already have. Many RPA services developers take candidates’ automated evaluation to a new level. They can create detailed reports based on the characteristics they find in recruiters’ resumes. This guarantees a more impartial process free from the bias that usually appears with human beings. 

2. Candidate communication 

Candidate communication

For a recruiter, it’s very important to keep close and constant communication with candidates. That is a must today due to the great importance of candidate experience. This is another task you can automate with RPA. By means of chat bots you can program answers to specific questions and keep a conversation on real time. 

This way, you can follow closely all applicants, answer their questions and keep them informed about their status in the recruitment process. When some of them don’t make it to the next phase of the process, the chat bot can communicate the news with an empathetic message that you can program in advance. 

3. Onboarding process 

As we have just seen, chat bots can interact with candidates. However, these can also give you a hand in the onboarding process. When professionals initially arrive to an organization, they usually have many questions about the internal policy, schedules, team members, etc. With RPA, new employees can get answers to all their questions at any time and without it meaning additional work for anybody. 

It’s possible to automate the answers so that the bot just gives the answers when necessary. You can detail internal policies, rules, show the internal structure of the organization and the members in each team. That is a more personalized and friendly way to integrate a person to the company and streamline the onboarding process. 

4. Employee data management 

Human Resources management is another key aspect for any company. This requires managing a large amount of data, especially in organizations that have many employees. From this activity depend aspects such as salary management, working time, special authorizations, etc. RPA is perfect for tasks that require intense data management and analysis. This is an aspect that most Human Resource Information Systems can handle. These systems can increase business productivity and also the keep transparency in the processes. 

As you can see, Robotic Process Automation can help you throughout all the employee life cycle. Today is very easy to find this technology. Integrate it to your processes and the productivity will increase significantly.  

At Talent2Win, we strive to align your company’s business objectives with the best Talent Acquisition strategies available. If you want to learn more about the services we offer, do not hesitate to contact us.  

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