March 21, 2022

What is a Human Resource Information System (HRIS)?

The current world of Human Resources doesn’t work the same way without the saving intervention of technology. The frequent advancements in artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and other fields of technology give us a more agile and efficient Human Resources area 

All these technological advancements are just more evident when we speak about Human Resource Information Systems. Do you know those systems? What do you know about them? If you are not familiar with that concept, in this article we will explain what is HRIS and what are its main features. 

What is a Human Resource Information System? 

A Human Resource Information System, frequently abbreviated as HRIS, is a software that is capable of gathering, storing and managing data about the employees in an organization. In general, its features allow people to have a detailed and precise management of the Human Resources area. 

In other words, these systems gather and help you monitor all the information of employees in the organization. This proves to be key because having a good management of that information usually has a positive effect on the correct operation of a business. 

It is also important to know that this system can receive many names. For example, some refer to them as Human Resource Management Systems. Some others even call them Human Capital Management Systems. Despite all those little variations, all these usually refer to the same concept. 

Features of Human Resource Information Systems 

Features of Human Resource Information Systems

The features they have are very diverse and can change according to the brand name or the budget. Let’s take a look at some of the most common features these systems have nowadays. 

1. Record keeping 

One of its main features is keeping a detailed record of the employees’ information. Personal data such as names, address, hiring dates, salary amounts, benefits gained and many other can be kept in the system. Besides, thanks to cloud technology, the storage capacity in this software is almost unlimited. 

2. Data management 

Being able to keep all the information in one single place allows a better management. Since all that data is contained and unified in the same space, making complex changes can be done in a few minutes. The simplicity this software offers when it comes to making changes helps to keep data accurately. 

Besides, the system is capable of keeping a record of specific information about employees such as their entrance and leaving hours, absences, sick leaves, vacations and more. Many versions offer an employee panel, through which they can manage their own tasks and information. As a result working with employee’s information becomes easier. 

3. Human Resources planning 

Additionally, since it gathers all the employees’ information, some of these alternatives can make forecasts about possible changes or trends in the organization’s human resources. That is very useful when it comes to personnel planning. 

4. Recruitment process management 

One feature we cannot overlook is the capacity it has to manage all the stages of the recruitment process. That’s why these systems turn into the weapon of choice of recruiters and helps them to find candidates in many different platforms. Also, it is possible to make job posting ads from many of these software, which simplifies recruiters’ work. 

But that is not it. These systems can receive applications from candidates to a position in the organization, analyze their professional profile to see if their fit the position, communicate with them, and keep the track of their processes. All that without leaving the software. Many brands include many features that you can see in a modern ATS system.

5. Payroll management 

Since it can keep an updated record of the employees and their information, some of alternatives offer the feature of payroll management. This turns out to be particularly useful because you can manage payroll from one single platform in a fast and timely manner. 

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Benefits of Human Resource Information Systems 

Benefits of Human Resource Information Systems 

The most visible advantage Human Resource Information Systems offer is an increase in productivity. This software allows people to perform most of the tasks of the Human Resources area in less time. Also, is perfect to carry out the regular processes with more transparency. 

These systems are not exactly new, but nowadays they have some new features that increase their usefulness. For example, most alternatives in the market work with cloud technology. That is not only beneficial in terms of storage space, but also guarantees automatic software updates. 

Additionally, cloud technology allows people to access the information and make changes in real time without having to be in the same place. You can share the access with the team members. In a world where telecommuting is the new norm, this proves to be a very valuable feature. 

Now you know what is HR Information System. As you can see, it is one of the most important tools for Human Resources professionals. It really has the ability to improve the productivity of any organization. 

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