May 17, 2022

What is the hybrid work model and why is it so important?

Hybrid working is not exactly new in the world of modern organizations. Even before the pandemic this model was successfully applied by some companies, even if it really wasn’t popular. However, 2020 marked a turning point in regards of what is normal and acceptable for businesses and its employees. After the pandemic, working from home turned into a real permanent possibility and, in some cases, a necessity for companies. 

Here is where the hybrid work model enters the picture. Do you want to know why is it so relevant today? At T2W we have experience in Human Resources management and we understand the perspective of the modern workforce. In this article we will see what is the hybrid work model and why is it important in the current working world. 

What is hybrid work? 

A hybrid workplace refers to a model of working that combines the possibility of working remotely and also from the company’s premises. In some cases, the employees are the ones who decide the days they want to go to the office and when to work from home. However, in most cases is the organization that decides the number of days at the week based on the nature and needs of its activities. 

While home office is the favorite work model for most people, it would hurt the operations of many companies. After all, not all jobs can be performed remotely. The hybrid model of working is the perfect middle term for organizations that really need employees in offices, but it also allows people to keep enjoying the many benefits of remote working.  

The facts speak for themselves. A survey conducted on 2021 in a group of about 9,000 workers revealed that 83% of people preferred the hybrid work model. In fact, telecommuting and hybrid working are some of the benefits professionals pay attention to while looking for a job. For this reason, it’s not a surprise that companies such as Microsoft choose to adopt the hybrid working model. 

 Benefits of hybrid work model 

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1. Better teams 

While most of employees will always want to work from home due to its many benefits, it is also necessary for people to keep in contact and familiarize with coworkers. After all, one of the main disadvantages of working from home is that it tends to isolate people. All organizations are at its core human groups where you need to get to know all of the members and interact with each other. 

This is another aspect of the company you shouldn’t miss. In fact, integration between employees and keeping constant communication are key actions to have a good work environment. As such, hybrid working offers the necessary measure of contact between employees without forcing them to be always on the office. 

2. Lower turnover rate 

A high turnover rate is one of the worst enemies of a Human Resources professional. As you know, this is a percentage of employees that leave the organization in a specific period of time. That requires starting again the whole recruitment process and investing extra time and money. 

The hybrid work model is one of the main tools you can use to retain talent. After all, being comfortable at work is one of the aspects employees value the most. This way, offering the possibility of working from home could help you fight a high turnover rate. 

3. Happier employees 

One of the main advantages of hybrid working model is the satisfaction it gives to employees. Having to go to the office every day and facing many hours of traffic at peak hours is not attractive for anyone. This is why hybrid work has a positive effect on employee wellness and mental health. As you can imagine, having happier employees increases their level of engagement with the company and their productivity. 

4. Less money on offices 

Last but not least, we cannot ignore how beneficial is the hybrid model in terms of savings for the organization. First, it is no longer necessary to have large work premises since the different teams can take turns to go to the office on different days. This offers substantial savings. 

Additionally, since employees are working from home several days per week, the costs related to maintenance, power, water and other services will be reduced significantly. This way, what initially seemed like a model focused only on employees ends up offering benefits for the company as well. 

Now you know what is a hybrid work model and the reason for its relevance nowadays. Keep in mind that this will probably become the favorite model for professionals and a standard for businesses all over the world. 

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