April 21, 2022

Benefits of remote working today for Human Resources

One of the most important consequences of the Pandemic in today’s world of work is the paradigm shift regarding the work model. While many businesses were not stranger to working remotely, it wasn’t used very often. Today, more than two years after the event that changed everyone’s life, it’s easier to see the benefits of remote working for organizations. 

Now that the doubts and fears regarding this work model have faded, it’s time make an assessment of what remote working really offers. Let’s take a look at the importance of telecommuting today from the perspective of the Human Resources 

1. Cost reduction 

In an average office-based organization, the costs associated to keep functional work premises can be significantly high. While all those cost can be taken as an investment, we have to ask ourselves: is it really a necessary investment? After all, one of the main objectives for any business is to increase income and reduce expenses. 

Here is where the benefits of telecommuting gain relevance. Remote working frees companies from spending resources in offices, computers, desks and other work tools. In some cases, utilities bills are not part of the office rent, which only adds another cost you can get rid of. Letting employees work from home offers important savings. 

However, having reduced costs is not a benefit just for the business, but also for employees. It isn’t always possible to live close to the work premises and transportation expenses can take an big part of people’s salary. Additionally, the food one usually can buy close to the office is not exactly cheap. Working from home allows employees to make a better use of their full salary. 

2. Employee turnover reduction 

Employee turnover reduction

One of the main worries in the area of Human Resources is the turnover rate. This is why the Human Resources area is always looking for new ways to retain the best employees. That can be achieved through actions that benefit employees and make them feel more comfortable and valued at work. 

In that sense, one of the best actions a company can take to improve the retention rate is telecommuting. In fact, about 80% of professionals looking for a job would turn down a work offer if it requires working from the office. That’s why today about 74% of businesses are planning to shift to full remote working mode. 

Since we are talking about reducing turnover rate, there are some other actions businesses are implementing for that purpose. We are talking about offering employee wellness programs, adopting the culture of feedback, focusing on employee professional development and the possibility of flexible schedules.  

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3. Productivity increase 

One of the objectives in Human Resources Management is to take actions to get the best performance from the professionals working for the organization. In that sense, there are many studies supporting that telecommuting increases employee productivity. This is due to different factors. 

First, working from home offers additional time that otherwise would be wasted in the traffic. Initially, it doesn’t seem like much, but together it turns into many hours saved every week. That allows people to begin a workday free from the stress that driving at rush hour can create.  

A common fear in companies used to be that working from home can be very distracting, which affects employee productivity. However, it also can happen at the office. Being distracted by coworkers is very common when working from the company’s premises. 

Finally, it is necessary to consider that the time when productivity is at its peak changes from person to person. Telecommuting allows people to manage their own time freely without any pressure for finishing work at a specific hour. Here we can see the importance of offering flexible working hours as a remote working plan. 

The bottom line 

As you can see, telecommuting has many benefits. It is becoming clear that this work model is not just a trend, but a sign of the future world of work. For that reason, adapting to remote working is no longer an option but a priority. 

Lastly, if the nature of certain businesses is not compatible with working 100% from home, the hybrid model is a valid alternative. Offering the possibility of telecommuting in a total or partial form is a very attractive factor for modern professionals and it can help you keep happy and productive employees in your organization. 

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