November 29, 2022

Main features of an ATS system

Are you thinking about using an ATS in your recruitment processes? There are endless reasons to do it. Perhaps your organization has begun to grow considerably or maybe the number of positions you have to fill is too large to do it without technology. An ATS system can be the solution to all your recruitment problems and help you optimizing your selection processes. Certainly, this tool can take your business to the next level. 

Are you familiar with the features of an ATS system and the way they work? At T2W we have an extensive experience working with Human Resources and recruitment systems, so we can show you what they offer to your organization. In this article, we’ll delve into the main features of an ATS system. 

What is and ATS in recruitment? 

An ATS (Applicant Tracking System) is software created to assist and manage the recruitment process. It usually contains features that can be useful through all the stages of the recruitment process. For this reason, this is one of the best tools for modern recruiters.  

How does ATS work? 

ATS have a diverse array of features since these systems are offered in different pricing. As you can imagine, the more expensive the plan you select, the better the features you get. Therefore, you’ll be able to find an alternative that fits your organization and upgrade it as your needs change. There are some options such as Breezy and Loxo that offer some basic features for free. Let’s check some of the key features in most ATS systems. 

Applicant Tracking System features 

Applicant Tracking System features 

1. Candidate sourcing 

Your job post in many platforms  

Recruitment processes officially begin when the job ad is posted. An ATS allows you to write it and correct it inside the software itself. Even better, once the post is completed and checked, you can post it in several job platforms without leaving the system. Do you usually post positions in Indeed, LinkedIn or Google Jobs? Don’t worry, with an ATS you can use all those platforms and many other with just one click. 

2. Resume analysis and management 

All the resumes in one place 

Did you post the job position in different platforms? There is no need to check all these platforms one by one looking for candidates who responded to the ad. With an ATS you receive all resumes and messages directly into the system. This simplifies and organizes the recruitment process. 

Good-bye repetitive tasks 

Once the process begins, recruiters have many different tasks to complete. Unfortunately, many of these tasks are repetitive and multiply as the number of candidates grows. In fact, once you receive the resumes, you will have to send many emails to the candidates and schedule all the interviews. An ATS systems automates all those tasks so that you can pay attention to the process itself.  

A simple resume evaluation 

When you do it manually, checking resumes can take a considerable amount of time. Wouldn’t it be great to have technology to help you with that task? Well, one of the most convenient features in most ATS is that it can check candidates’ resumes. Most of these systems have artificial intelligence that can read and analyze resumes quickly.  

This works based in keywords and phrases that you can define regarding the position available. This way, the system checks candidates’ skills and shows you only the ideal applicants for the position. In addition, this type of analysis is great when it comes to avoiding bias in recruitment. If you have a mountain of resumes to check, this feature will be really helpful. 

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3. Candidate analysis and management 

Easy candidate scoring 

As you go through the interview phase, candidates will be evaluated to find the best professional for the position. Some ATS allow you to assign a score to each applicant inside the software with a uniform scoring system. This can be done collaboratively with the rest of the team in charge of conducting the interviews. Score changes and updates al visible for all team members in real time. 

 A collaborative database 

Now you have all the resumes and the results of the candidates. When you have all these data about the applicants, it can be difficult to manage all that information, especially when you work with multiple people. The ATS system makes it easier to access the information for the team, which is great when you have to deal with particularly big projects. 

You can start by creating a database based on all the candidates’ information you have gathered so far. This can help you create a talent pool and having a simpler way to keep a list with the best professionals. This way, you have a collaborative and organized work platform. 

Contact with the candidates 

We know that keeping frequent communication is key to have a good candidate experience. In the world of modern recruitment, this is an approach that is not debatable. With an ATS system, you can communicate directly with candidates and answer all their questions. Even better, you have many different communication channels inside the system. 

You can send text messages, write emails or call each candidate. Additionally, when you have to thank all applicants that didn’t pass to the next phase of the process and offer the necessary feedback, you can contact them directly and complete this task in a simple and easy way. 

These are the main features that most ATS systems offer. You will find many alternatives with different pricing. Evaluate each option carefully and select the one that fits your organization.  

At Talent2Win, we strive to align your company’s business objectives with the best Talent Acquisition strategies available. If you want to learn more about the services we offer, do not hesitate to contact us.  

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