October 19, 2021

White-Collar skills to work on and add in your resume

A white-collar worker is a professional who works in a highly-skilled position, typically for a higher than average wage. Generally speaking, it is someone who you would expect to see in a shirt and tie and that is usually found in an office. But why is it important to develop some abilities that they have? 

When searching and selecting talents, a lot of headhunters and recruitment companies take into consideration some of their skills because these can broadly apply for every job position. So, what are the typically expected white-collar worker skills that will help you be more visible when applying for a job? Know more in the next article that we have for you at Talent2Win. 

1. IT Skills 

it skills 

Especially in the working world of today, IT skills are a must for any white-collar worker. It’s commonplace for those who work in an office to work on a computer. We have totally surpassed the time when ‘typing’ was a skill fit for a resume. Nowadays, it is expected that every applicant has a basic understanding of computers and a decent grasp of IT skills. 

The importance of these skills varies depending on which white-collar career you may be heading into, and often, if the skills are particular to the company, there will be a certain degree of training involved. However, for niche and skilled IT jobs, a level of expertise will be required, likely acquired through a college education.  

The level of IT skills required will vary depending on the job that is applied for, but with new technology coming out every day, IT skills will only become more and more necessary.  

2. Public Speaking Skills

Public speaking is a very important skill to have if the career path you are veering for requires working in a team and creating presentations for projects. If you can speak in public easily then you are also much more likely to be able to present yourself in a positive light at professional mixers and when/if you meet your CEO or your partners’ CEOs.  

If you speak well in front of managers and company directors, then you are putting yourself at a much greater advantage when it comes to promotions. Public speaking is a skill that will greatly benefit any white-collar worker as they aim to progress through the workforce.  

3. Time-Management Skills 

Meeting a deadline is a crucial part of being taken seriously as a professional. It is important that in a professional environment your higher-ups can rely on you to get the tasks done at time and when you say that it will be done. Furthermore, it goes without saying that if you can keep to a deadline then you put yourself at a much better chance of getting a promotion. 

However, if you are continuously missing deadlines and forgetting important pieces of work then it is not only that you are unlikely to land that big promotion, but that you are much more likely to be let go when times are tight within the company.  

Have this in mind: no one wants to work with someone that cannot be relied on. If you struggle with time management then invest in a little technology to help yourself to stick to deadlines! It will be worth it when your manager knows that he can trust you.  

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4. Writing Skills 

From emails to reports, writing is an integral part of the every-day life of white-collar workers. It is inescapable, almost as the IT skills. The manner in which you present yourself in written communications can make or break not only your position within the company but also your chances of getting there in the first place.  

In the wake of the COVID pandemic, much work is being done online and it seems as though it may stay that way in the future. Because of this, it is imperative that you can articulate written information quickly and accurately while maintaining professionalism.  

5. Speaking a foreign language  

While this is not necessarily imperative for most white-collar workers, it is something that will make you stand out from the crowd while applying for a new job. If the company that you are applying for has offices overseas or even foreigner clients, then it could be extremely beneficial for you.  

For example, businessmen in China have increasingly mandated English as the corporate language, which is an interesting example of how much another language may help you. Even if other countries are adopting English as the spoken business language, it can only help to network in the mother tongue of the person you are conversing with.  Remember that it is not advisable to lie about speaking another language on your resume.   

6. People Skills 

people skills 

Soft skills are important for progression in the world of business. These include being a team-player, which will help in group projects. Confidence will lead you where you may have never thought you would go and coupled with the ability to make small talk, you will be able to market yourself during formal mixers.  

White-collar workers are skilled in many different things. However, regardless of the position and the company that you take on, you will likely need the above skills throughout your career. Perfect them and allow yourself to flourish professionally. 

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