May 17, 2022

When is it time to change jobs? Signs you should recognize

Leaving your job is not a decision that should be made lightly. After all, terminating the employment relationship can be tedious and the process of looking for a new job always takes time. For that reason, it’s important recognizing the ideal time to change jobs. If you are wondering when is it time to change jobs, we can help you with such an important decision.  

At T2W, we are experts in recruitment and Human Resources management, so we are aware of the many problems professionals face daily at work. In this article we show you the main signs that can help you recognize the best time to change jobs. 

1. Lack of professional development 

One of the main objectives for every professional has to be developing their career constantly. That is so important that career stagnation is one of the main causes behind a high turnover rate in most organizations. The perfect scenario would be being able to find new challenges and learning new things inside the company, but that is not always the case. 

To know if you should change jobs you have to ask yourself the following questions regarding your current learning possibilities inside the organization. Did the company implement the actions to promote constant learning among its employees? Does the company have an employee wellness program focused on developing and training its workers? 

After that, you have to identify if there is chance for you to climb positions inside the organization. Does the company offer a promotion system? Is there a possibility to assume a new position in a different area and learn new things? If in your current job you feel there is nothing new to learn and there aren’t new challenges, then it is time to look for a place where you can take your career to the next level. 

2. An excessive workload 

An excessive workload

All companies go through periods of time when the workload increases for everyone. Stress at work is inevitable and even necessary to bring out the hidden skills of employees. After all, the most successful professionals are the ones who persevere in the face of adversity. That intensity at work is manageable during shorts periods of time. 

However, when that phase of high workload extends for too long is when the levels of stress start increasing in an unhealthy way. It happens usually when employees keep working beyond their scheduled worktime. They could stay at the office to complete certain additional tasks or even take the work home. 

That not only is unhealthy, but also has a negative effect on productivity. For that reason, some signs you need to change jobs are loss of sleep, changes in your eating habits or sudden and intense moments of anxiety at home when thinking about the job for the next day. Conduct a careful assessment to find out if the workload you have now is just due to a high season or if that will be normal from now on. 

3. A bad work environment 

In the work world, it would be great if the working climate at the office would be as good as announced in the job ad, but that is not always the case. More often than not, one thing is the image companies show outwards and a different one of the real environment inside. Here, the organizational culture in the organization will have a big impact. 

A bad work environment is one of the main problems that affect the mental health of people. This type of environment is characterized by a lack of communication, negativity in people, gossiping and even direct conflicts between coworkers. 

Spending 8 hours every day in that environment can affect anyone’s the mind. Some of the physical symptoms that usually appear in a bad working climate are depression and a constant feeling of anxiety. Those are clear signs to look for a new job. Nothing is as important as your mental health. 

4. The payment does not reflect your job 

In the current working world, professionals must be ready to assume new responsibilities inside the organization. In many cases, sometime after the employees entered the company, they start receiving new tasks. Those are challenges that help people grow and develop new knowledge and skills. However, having more responsibilities require an increase of work, which in turn must cause a salary increase. 

That would be the perfect scenario, but it doesn’t always happen in reality. If you have experienced an increase in job responsibilities, but your salary does not reflect your new workload, it isn’t time to leave the organization yet. First, you have to take the initiative and ask for a salary raise. That can have a better result if you do it right after you successfully finished a project. If the company denies your request, then you should start looking for new horizons. 

If you were wondering how to know when it’s time to change jobs, these are some of the signs that can help you identify the right time. Keep in mind that this is an important step in your career, so you should consider each factor and choose what is best for you. 

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