December 27, 2022

What is employee listening?

The modern work world place special value in employees and their wellness inside the company. For that reason, we need to listen what employees have to say regarding their experience inside the organization. Can you sincerely say that the company where you are really listens to its employees? If the answer is yes, how does it do it? If you are not sure, then you need to implement an employee listening strategy. 

Are you familiar with employee listening? This is a concept that can improve the relationship between the company and its employees. At T2W we have an extensive experience in Human Resources services and talent management, so we know this concept very well. In this article, we will delve into employee listening, the way it’s applied in organizations and its benefits. 

What is employee listening? 

As the name clearly suggests, employee listening means receiving feedback from people working in the company. This is the perfect way to find potential problems, worries and needs employees have in a regular basis. That helps Human Resources professionals to really understand the aspects that could be undermining employee engagement and performance. That being said, it requires the creation of a proper strategy to apply it successfully. 

What is employee listening strategy? 

What is employee listening strategy? 

To use employee listening correctly, you need to create a complete employee listening strategy. This consists of a series of actions that revolve around the main Human Resources management strategy in the company. In fact, listening to employees it’s a key factor for good talent management. In general, we must pay attention to two specific aspects: 

The surveys 

The main tool in an employee listening strategy are the surveys. Online surveys are common nowadays, especially in the modern remote working environment. However, it’s also important implementing face-to-face surveys in the form of short private interviews. Face-to-face surveys are great to offer provide the human touch since this strategy aims to create a bond with employees. It’s also important always guaranteeing the private nature of the interviews to ensure sincerity in the responses. 

The frequency 

Then, it’s important considering the frequency in which employees will complete these surveys. It’s not necessary asking for feedback in a monthly basis. Instead, you need to turn employee listening into a continuous activity that you can keep throughout the complete employee lifecycle. Keep in mind that employees’ opinions will change as time passes and they change positions in the organization. Therefore, the nature of the surveys must change accordingly. 

This has to begin since work relationship starts up until the day it ends: onboarding surveys, wellness surveys, employee engagement surveys, one-on-one meetings, exit surveys, etc. In addition, you need to create a special survey for each occasion that causes a significant change in the company. It could be a period of growth inside the organization or a temporary crisis. These types of situations will change the work environment for employees, so you need to pay attention. 

Benefits of employee listening 

1. It helps you understand employees’ needs 

Many organizations think they offer a good experience for their employees. However, the perspective of people inside the organization could be different. In a world where most people work from home, you need to know how people really feel about the company. An employee listening strategy offers a good idea of the needs and problems of employees. 

2. Strengthen employee relationship 

Employee listening gives people a voice. Through this initiative, they know their problems and opinions is important for the organization. Feeling listened and valued has a positive influence over employee wellness. As a result, the relationship between the company and its employees becomes stronger. Turnover rates reduce to healthy levels and employee engagement improves significantly. 

3. It helps you identify successful actions 

In most organizations, the human resources area is constantly creating programs for employees. While measuring the results of these initiatives is key, it’s important asking for feedback directly from the people in the company. For example, if you have just implemented an employee recognition program, employee listening will be the best way to know if that initiative really meets employees’ needs. 

Now you know what is employee listening, the way it’s applied in organizations and its benefits. Remember that listening to their opinions helps you understand the real employee experience and engagement levels. This is a key action for good talent management. 

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