July 19, 2022

What to ask in an interview as a candidate?

Towards the end of any job interview, there is a moment when the interviewer will ask: Do you have any question? It may seem like an inconsequential question, but actually, it is a pivotal moment in the interview. If you don’t ask any questions, it could make you seem just like any other candidate without any experience or interest in the position. On the other hand, if you do ask a question, it must be good enough to help you be remembered as someone eager to know more about the job. 

Improvising at that moment could hurt your chances to get the position. Do you want to know what to ask in an interview as a candidate? At T2W we have an extensive experience in the recruitment process, so we can help you in this important situation. Here we will show you some of the questions you could ask in your next job interview. 

What questions should a candidate ask in an interview? 

Before jumping to the questions, you have to keep in mind that each question serves two different objectives. The first is to answer a genuine question you might have about the job. The second one is to present yourself as a candidate very interested in the position, so that you can cause a good impression on the interviewer. 

On the other hand, we suggest you have ready a batch of at least 5 questions. You’ll probably just end up using one or two of them, but if one of these questions has already been answered during the interview, you need to have another one ready. The last thing you want is to ask something obvious and end up looking like you didn’t pay attention throughout the interview. Now, let’s start with the questions! 

1. Is it possible to keep learning in the job? 

This is one of the simplest questions you can ask, but one that can help you create a positive impression in the interviewer. With this question, you show you want to keep learning and furthering your knowledge. Is it really so important? Yes, it is. It tells the interviewer that you are a person who is always looking to improve and become a better professional. That is always productive for any organization. This might be the question that helps you stand out above the rest. 

2. Is there any chance to assume new responsibilities? 

Is there any chance to assume new challenges

This question might seem similar to the previous one, but it has a different purpose. Here, you want to know if you will be able to get to higher positions and grow professionally. Having a career path is always important! However, this is a different way to ask that question. In this case, you not only get the answer, but also subtly suggest the interviewer that you are ready to assume new challenges. That is always attractive for recruiters. 

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3. What are the main challenges in the job? 

Since the previous questions focused on assuming new challenges in the position, wouldn’t it be nice to know the main aspects you should pay attention to if you get the job? Yes, the responsibilities are already addressed in the job description, but now you need to delve deeper. What are the most challenging aspects of the job? Avoid addressing these aspects as problems. Instead, treat them as challenges you can face and overcome. This way, you know more about the job and, at the same time, you show that you are 100% focused on overcoming any obstacle. 

4. What is the work modality for the job? 

A couple of years ago, this was a secondary question, since most organizations would require employees to work at the office. However, after 2020, the work dynamic changed a lot. Many aspects morphed and became more flexible. Now telecommuting and having a hybrid work modality are a key benefit for most professionals. Sometimes, job descriptions are pretty vague about it, so you should ask about it and make sure the job really fits with you. 

5. What are the team dynamics like?  

Up until this point, all questions have been about the job position itself. However, modern jobs are hardly ever done in isolation. Coworkers and the way you will work with them are also important aspects you must know. Ask how many people work in the team, what tasks do they have, and the way all those efforts combine inside the area. That will help you show you are aware of the importance of teamwork and that you are good working with other people to achieve goals. 

Now you know some good interview questions to ask a potential employee. Don’t be discouraged by the lack of experience! If you make these questions with a little confidence and optimism, you will have a better performance in your next job interview. 

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