May 8, 2023

What are psychometric tests?

In general, when asked about psychometric tests, most people don’t have a clear idea of what it is. Many imagine this is some kind of psychological test. For that reason, when candidates are told they will have to face psychometric tests, some of them get scared. There is no reason to be scared at all. These tests often are one of the easiest parts of the recruitment process.  

Do you know what are psychometric tests? At T2W, we have extensive experience in personnel recruitment and human resources, so we can help you. In this article, we’ll delve deep into the psychometrical tests, their objective and some of the different types you might find.  

What are psychometric tests? 

While the name “psychometrical tests” might sound complex and intimidating, these are just tests that focus on identifying and assessing the characteristics and abilities applicants have. This is one of the most common tools for recruiters. If you are thinking about applying for a job, you’ll probably have to face one of these tests. 

What are psychometric tests used for? 

In a regular recruitment process, all candidates must go through a series of phases. These are designed to get to know the candidates better and examine how they would fit the position. More often than not, there are many aspects that can’t be examined through resumes or interviews. 

It’s at this point that the psychometric tests enter the picture. These help recruiters assess applicants and measure their suitability for the job. The tests can measure many different aspects that range from cognitive ability to personality traits. In general, this type of test usually comes right before or after the first round of interviews.  

As we know, each job position entails a series of specific responsibilities. This is why there are different types of psychometric tests. These will change depending on the most important requirements for the available position. 

Types of psychometric tests 

As we mentioned in the previous section, there are many psychometric tests that measure different aspects of the applicants. Despite that, we can divide these into two main groups: psychometric tests focused on personality and psychometric tests focused on abilities. Let’s take a look at these individually. 

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1. Personality psychometric tests 

One of the very first things any employer wants to know is if the applicant will fit the position, the company and the culture. For that reason, personality psychometric tests are perfect to understand the way a candidate will react in certain situations. In general, with these test recruiters evaluate emotional intelligence, social skills, conflict management and other similar factors. Since people’s personality will be evaluated, there are no right or wrong answers. Recruiters will just assess candidates’ personality and compare it to the position, its requirements and needs. 

2. Aptitude psychometric tests 

On the other hand, it’s also necessary to know the specific skills of each applicant. Depending on the position, each company will analyze a different set of skills. For that reason, you will find many types of aptitude psychometric tests. In this case, there will be right and wrong answers. The next ones are the most common. 

3. Abstract psychometric tests 

Abstract psychometric tests are one of the most common in recruitment. These aim to know the analysis and problem-solving skills of candidates. You probably have seen these before. These are presented as geometrical images that follow patterns, and you need to identify the missing image or the next part of a series. 

4. Numerical psychometric tests 

We have also tests that assess numerical aptitudes. Here candidates must analyze data based on numbers and reach certain logical conclusions. If you don’t like numbers, don’t worry. These tests are only a requirement when it comes to positions that need a certain level of mathematical skills. 

5. Verbal psychometric tests 

Likewise, we also have verbal psychometrical tests. In this case, it’s necessary to assess if the candidate can analyze written text that can be complex and reach conclusions. Just like with numerical tests, these are more common with positions that require this type of skill. 

6. Position-focused psychometric tests 

As the name suggests, this type of tests measures the skills necessary for the position. For example, there are some texts that put candidates in similar situations to those they will find in the job. This is perfect for recruiters since they can analyze the way applicants handle common situations and problems in the position. 

Now you know more about psychometric exams, their objective and main types. Keep always in mind that the more prepared you are for the process, the better the results. If you familiarize yourself with these tests, you will have a better chance to get the job. 

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