December 28, 2021

How to optimize your talent acquisition strategy and process?

Have you ever stopped to think that your talent acquisition problems are not due to a talent shortage, but rather that your organization is not implementing the right strategies to attract the talent you are looking for? 

Talent acquisition means understanding the pace of your organization and exactly what each position entails. It is about building talent pipelines! But it also means being aware of the latest trends and strategies to not only attract the best candidates, but also to promote your organization and make people want to work for you 

As an HR professional or manager, you are probably very familiar with the various talent acquisition processes. Yet, much of what we read on the subject leaves us confused due to overly worded and abstract terminology. In order to put effective talent acquisition strategies into practice, let us approach the topic from a more concrete angle! 

How to achieve an effective Talent Acquisition process? 

Effective Talent Acquisition process

These are our basic tips for ensuring the effectiveness of the Talent Acquisition process:

  • Forecast effectively.Companies must align their planning across departments. By doing so, it is easier to identify and target future talent needs. In the same way, departments within a company should communicate their needs to their HR departments and work collaboratively in the Talent Acquisitions process. 
  • Ensure data-driven results.Talent Acquisition companies must deliver better and more accurate insights from data, and even predict analytics, making their results better and faster each time. 
  • Real-time progress and monitoring.Talent Acquisition companies usually work totally online, which means that you can check their progress in real-time. At Talent2Win we use a detailed applicant tracking system that allows you to leave comments on each candidate and have constant customer support, so you can be as involved as you are comfortable with. 
  • Employer Branding.Talent Acquisition agencies play a big part in developing the company’s employer branding strategy; they have inside knowledge of the culture, products and services. 
  • Build a high-quality pipeline.It is important that the tools used produce desirable and high-quality candidates. At Talent2Win, we build talent pipelines with a machine learning software that can also help in the prediction of new needs of talent inside the client’s company. 
  • Onboarding.Talent Acquisition companies should build a proper communication channel with candidates from the initial application to the final job offer and introduction to the company. 

How does a successful Talent Acquisition process work? 

Effective Talent Acquisition process

Here are the 5 steps to develop a successful Talent Acquisition process, steps that we use as Talent2Win: 

1.Inbound Marketing and Hiring Strategy creation 

First, we create a hiring strategy aligned to the client’s needs and then apply Inbound Marketing that will effectively attract those who may be interested in working with you and who have the skills that your company is looking for. After answering their questions, we form a connection to ensure this candidate would suit your company’s culture. Then, we combine both Inbound Marketing and the hiring strategy as a two-pronged approach. 

2. Outbound Marketing, Company Branding and Recruitment Marketing 

In order to finesse our clients’ approach, we observe and analyze thoroughly their existing Outbound Marketing and Recruitment Marketing in relation to your Company Branding. If it is the case that both are not aligned, we make the necessary adjustments to ensure that your company’s voice is appropriately marketed. 

This will ensure that the right type of future employee contacts you, and if they don’t even fit into a particular position right now, the company can add them to their talent pool for future vacancies

3. Candidate Relationship Management and Candidate Screen

Once we provide an adequate flow of a suitable talent pipeline to select candidates from, we proceed to create a selection process that will differ according to the position and the business that requires our services. 

We believe that investing time into Candidate Relationship Management is a key point so the talents are not discouraged by a disjointed hiring process, in addition to maintaining relationships with candidates who may be qualified and suitable for the company, but not for the currently advertised role. 

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4. Conversion and Onboarding

If you think that the hiring ends the service, then you are wrong. We, too, must work into achieving an effective and efficient onboarding process that includes conversion management and ensures that new employees will fit well and are doing great work, leading to higher employee retention and job satisfaction.

5. Continuous development

We consider that fostering continuous process improvement is also a key to your success. This means that we seek for the maintenance of the relationship with a talent pool and the constant improvement processes above, thus achieving a constant updating of the job market that is beneficial both for the available talents and for companies. 

Why choose Talent2Win to achieve a successful Talent Acquisition process? 

Generally, Talent Acquisition companies provide some of the best strategies for your business, embracing current trends and best practices such as Employer Branding, Job Vacancy Marketing, and talent pipeline building. 

However, at Talent2Win we differentiate ourselves by truly engaging with your company’s culture. We want to learn everything about your firm, so we know exactly what talent your workforce requires. Our experienced team will analyze the future talent while considering what your company needs in order to seek growth within the industry. Who wouldn’t like to expand over time, right? 

We actively listen to everything your company needs and use specialized knowledge to search on your behalf, offering support and advice throughout the process. We use your insights to improve relationships, solutions, and services. Based on our understanding of the recruitment world, we actively adopt and develop best practices worldwide. 

At Talent2Win, we strive to align your company’s business objectives with the best Talent Acquisition strategies available. If you want to learn more about the services we offer, do not hesitate to contact us. 

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