April 3, 2023

What is NLP in recruitment? A look into its benefits

With each new year comes a new wave of technology that seems to be taking over the world of recruitment and human resources. The use of software and apps is no longer a special feature but a new standard for any organization that really wants to grow. As a result, most companies have adopted human resources systems such as ATS and HRIS.  

These tools can optimize tasks and improve the development of the organization. One of the most attractive alternatives in recruitment technology is natural language processing (NLP). Have you heard about NLP and its benefits for talent acquisition? In this article, we’ll delve into NLP in recruitment. Let’s start by understanding the kind of technology we are dealing with.  

What is natural language processing? 

This is a branch of artificial intelligence that focuses on helping machines comprehend conversational language. This can be applied to written or spoken language. For example, this is the technology that powers voice assistants such as Siri, Alexa or Google Assistant. However, as of now, NLP is proving to be more accurate when it comes to understanding written language. 

Perhaps you are wondering if making a machine understand what a person says is difficult. Well, you need to keep in mind that understanding the grammar and syntax of a language is not enough to comprehend a language. The context of the message and other related factors also play a key role in understanding the way human beings communicate naturally. 

This is why we have NLP, as an effort to improve the interaction between people and computers. With NLP, machines can read or listen to what people express. Then, they analyze the words, phrases and sentences so that they can get a coherent message. Finally, they extract the actual meaning that the person is trying to convey considering the context and other variables. 

In addition, NLP uses machine learning to identify behavior patterns and habits of people. This way, machines can understand and imitate the regular conversational language people use. This allows us to interact with bots that offer useful answers.  

Natural language processing in recruitment 

We have seen some of the strengths this technology offers. However, how does it fit into the recruitment world? Ok, NLP is already being used in current recruitment systems. Let’s take a look at the way NLP is used. 

Curriculum analysis 

One of the most attractive features of most recent ATS systems is their ability to analyze resumes. If you already have of these in your organization, you surely have noticed how beneficial it is having an assistant helping you analyze all the resumes you receive. This is especially useful when you have to analyze hundreds of resumes in a short amount of time. 

ATS equipped with artificial intelligence that uses NLP receives all resumes and analyzes all the information inside these documents. These systems scan the words and phrases inside the description, experience and academic background of resumes. This way, the IA compares the skills and knowledge of each applicant to the requirements needed for the position. As a result, the system offers a list of the candidates that best fit the available position. 

Conversation with candidates 

Constant communication is an essential characteristic to provide a good candidate experience. This requires recruiters to keep up with any question or request that applicants may have. This is where chatbots enter the picture. Many ATS systems are equipped with chatbots that use artificial intelligence and NLP. 

It’s important considering that not all chatbots are equipped with AI and NLP. However, these aim to become a standard for ATS systems. With the help of a chatbot integrated into the system, you can provide answers to the most frequent questions candidates usually have. These could be questions related to the status of the process, the requirements to apply or the characteristics of the position, among many others. 

In addition, chatbots can also help to schedule interview dates with the candidates, talk with the people who made it to the next stage of the process and those who didn’t, offer feedback, etc. This way, candidates receive the answers and information they need at any time since chatbots operate 24/7. Of course, this doesn’t replace human interaction, but it improves significantly candidate experience. 

Now you know what natural language processing in recruitment and its current potential in human resources is. Technology is becoming a key part of the world of recruitment. We need to adapt and integrate all these new technologies into our processes. 

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