March 21, 2022

How to improve your employability? 5 actions to boost your employability!

The professional world we live in today is extremely competitive. Vacant positions are fiercely disputed among candidates and, more often than not, the little details are the ones who define who get the position. In that context, you must do everything possible to increase your chances to obtain that job you find attractive. 

At T2W we have a long experience in Human Resources and personnel recruitment. So, if you want to know how to improve your employability, we can help you. In this article, we will give you some professional tips that you will find useful. 

1. Customize your resume to the position you are applying to 

Perhaps your professional path has taken you to many different fields and specialties. That might encourage you to show the diverse experience you have built with time. However, for a recruiter that is looking to fill a job position, the most important thing is to find a candidate who can handle the responsibilities of the position. 

So, all the experience that is not relevant for the position available just makes the resume unnecessarily long. For a recruiter who must check hundreds of resumes per day, that is very inconvenient. That’s why you should customize your resume so that it fits the requirements of the position. To do that correctly, you have to check the job post and keep in your resume only the knowledge, skills and academic background that fits the job. 

2. Improve your soft skills 

Improve your soft skills

Today, soft skills are gaining relevance in the professional world. As we know, soft skills are not based on technical knowledge, but in characteristics related to the personality. The good news is that these can be developed through personal or professional experience. 

Some of the most important soft skills for businesses are leadership, teamwork, communication, adaptability, decision-making, stress management, problem solution, time management, etc. Working on these skills will let you have a better performance at work. Additionally, you will be better prepared to speak about your strengths and weaknesses in the job interview. 

3. Add keywords in your resume 

Modern recruiters usually use software known as ATS. These are systems that help recruiters to check large amounts of resumes and keep the ones that best fit the position. They can do that by checking the keywords relevant for the position each resume has. This is why it is so important to have an ATS friendly resume. If your resume does not include those words, your chances of getting the job will be smaller. 

What words should you add? This will change according to the field where you work and the position you are applying to. That being said, the job ad will reveal the most important aspects. Look for words and phrases that frequently repeat in the ad and include them in your resume. Those will be the priorities the ATS will be looking for. 

4. Increase your activity in LinkedIn 

Nowadays, social networks play a main role in the life of every professional. These can help you find job positions, keep you updated in your field, and connect with other professionals, which is great for networking. In that context, there isn’t social network more relevant for your career than LinkedIn. 

This is the most relevant professional social network in the world, so you must have presence inside it. In fact, most recruiters use this as a mean to find candidates. For that reason, you have to update your profile. This works as a resume online and if someone is looking for a professional with your skills and knowledge, your profile will be the place to check. 

A good way to increase your visibility and be noticed by recruiters is making articles and posts for the profile. However, if creating content is not your thing, you can keep active by sharing content that is useful or interesting for other professionals like you. Finally, include always in your resume a link to your LinkedIn profile. 

5. Get ready for the interviews 

In general, not many people enjoy job interviews. The pressure for such an important event could make you feel a little nervous. To avoid that situation, you should anticipate and be ready for the different situations the interview will present you. 

First, make a little research about the organization is offering the interview and look its history, the services and products it offers, its culture, objectives, mission and vision. All that information should be available in the company’s webpage. 

Likewise, you should get ready to answer some of the most common questions you could be asked in the interview. For example: What are your weaknesses? Why should we hire you? Why do you want to work with us? What can you tell us about yourself? You should have some answer prepared. 

Great! These are some tips that will help you boost your employability. Put them into practice and increase your chances to obtain the job you want.  

At Talent2Win, we strive to align your company’s business objectives with the best Talent Acquisition strategies available. If you want to learn more about the services we offer, do not hesitate to contact us. 

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