August 29, 2022

How to fight burnout in the workplace?

How stressful is working at your organization? Do you usually have several weeks in a row or even months when the workload is very intense? In that case, you need to start checking the stress levels among employees in your organization. You might end up finding a couple cases of the burnout syndrome in its early stages. That would be something to worry about. 

Do you know how to fight burnout in the workplace? At T2W we have an extensive experience in personnel management, we have seen this problem and we know the correct way to deal with it. In this article, we’ll show you the best actions you can implement to prevent work burnout from causing problems in your organization. 

What is the burnout syndrome? 

What is the burnout syndrome? 

The burnout syndrome is a condition of severe stress, which has consequences that manifest physically, mentally and emotionally. In general, this problem occurs when stress levels are too high and it keeps going for too long. Despite it can be easily recognized, most people fail to spot the symptoms since it requires taking a close look at the people in the company. 

Perhaps you are wondering why the organization should worry about this. Well, the burnout syndrome is one of the main causes of absences at work and turnover rate in modern companies. With that in mind, this problem can directly affect employee productivity and company performance. 

Signs of job burnout 

It’s important to know the symptoms of the burnout syndrome. These are very different from regular stress. Physically, it manifests in the form of physical exhaustion, muscle pain and headaches. Mentally, it can cause personality changes, depersonalization and isolation from the people around. Finally, there is depression, a sense of insufficiency and loss of professional self-esteem. 

Prevention of burnout syndrome 

1. Respect the working hours 

As in many other aspects of the professional life, the pandemic was a turning point for the burnout syndrome at work. A post-pandemic report reveals that around 67% of workers feel that this problem has increased after the arrival of COVID-19. This is mainly due to the rise of telecommuting and the lack of respect some companies have for working hours in this work mode. 

The digital disconnection is a pivotal aspect and the visible disregard that many organizations have for it is causing an increase in job burnout cases. In fact, 27% of workers think that now, because of the pandemic, is more difficult to disconnect from work. As a result, many people end up working more hours and building up stress. Organizations can avoid many problems simply by respecting the working hours and the digital disconnection. 

2. Offer psychological support 

As you can notice by its symptoms, job burnout can affect mental health severely. This is why it’s always good to implement psychological support programs. This is a benefit that employees can access voluntarily if they think they need it. However, it’s likely that most of the personnel won’t request it due to the negative image associated to people receiving this type of support. 

For this reason, raising awareness among employees about the importance of mental health is as important as offering psychological support programs.  A couple successful methods for eliminating that stigma are offering talks for all personnel or sending information through internal channels such as newsletters. This way you offer help that will be better received and will have a positive impact over employees. 

3. Create a healthy work environment 

When it comes to avoiding job burnout, the best you can do is learn to recognize it before it happens. To achieve that, people at the organization must be aware of this problem and the way it manifests. You can offer talks and training so that people in the organization can spot the signs before it affects them. Additionally, recognizing the symptoms can help to identify the problem in other people.  

By making everyone aware of the problem and its severity, you can prevent cases of burnout syndrome at work. On the other hand, interaction and friendly contact with coworkers can relieve a considerable amount of stress and anxiety in the workplace. That reduces the chances of that problem in the organization.  

To achieve that, the work environment you create at work will be a key aspect. The ideal environment to avoid stress is one where communication, cordiality and respect prevail. That not only should be reflected on relationships among employees, but also in the way employees interact with bosses and people in management positions. 

Now you know job burnout syndrome, its symptoms and the best way to avoid it in the workplace. By raising awareness about this problem among employees and implementing the right actions, you can prevent it from affecting your organization. 

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