August 29, 2022

How to dress for an interview? Factors you need to consider

When it comes to a job interview, a good first impression can help you more than you imagine. After all, this is a situation when you will be under the spotlight. Every little thing you do, say and show will be evaluated. Therefore, this is your chance to stand out over the rest and catch the watchful eye of the recruiter.  

While the main focus will be your skills and personality, the attire you select will be a key detail. Do you know how to dress for an interview? At T2W we have an extensive experience in recruitment processes and personnel selection. We are familiar with this process and we can help you. In this article we will show you the different factors you need to consider for your next job interview. 

What to wear in a job interview? 

What to wear in a job interview

1. Consider the type of company you are applying to 

Not all companies will ask you to dress in a two-piece suit since each organization has its own unique working style. For example, applying to a financial institution usually requires a very formal attire. On the other hand, if the company and the nature of the job are more flexible, you can choose a business casual style. 

The key detail is to dress according to the company you apply to. For that reason, it’s important to prepare for the job interview and make a short research. Check the business’ website and social media. Based on these, identify its organizational culture and the way employees usually dress. It’s is also acceptable to call the company and ask what’s the expected dress code for the occasion. 

Once you have identified these aspects, it’s best to select an attire more formal than the one used regularly at that company. In that regard, you shouldn’t dress for the position you are applying to, but for the job you really aspire to. Finally, keep in mind that what should make you stand out are your skills and personality. The clothing will only enhance the competencies you already have.  

Since the idea here is to dress always according to the organizational culture, here we offer some general guidelines to dress correctly in a job interview. 

2. Only neutral colors 

Let’s start by defining a color palette. As you can imagine, the colors must fit the formal nature of the event. Neutral colors are perfect for that purpose. Try to make colors like black, dark blue, beige or gray the main hue in your attire. Why these colors? While it’s important to stand out in a job interview, keep also in mind this is a formal event. 

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How to dress for an interview? (Women) 

In a standard professional scenario, formal suits are the main rule. Therefore, in the case of women, it’s best to wear a pantsuit or a skirt suit. In the case of choosing a skirt, it’s best to keep it at knee level. Depending on the organization, the blouse should be formal and match the style of the suit. 

Regarding the shoes, heels will be the element that will help you complete the outfit. However, these shouldn’t be too high. It’s best to keep them at about 2 inches height. In addition, since the main focus should be you and not your shoes, these must be modest and elegant. 

As for accessories, it’s best not to use too much jewelry. In general, your choices regarding necklace, earrings and watch should be very discrete. The less these elements stand out, the better. For women, it’s customary to keep the hair in a tail. In the case of short hair, keeping it nice and neat will be sufficient. Finally, the make-up has to be subtle and look natural. In fact, it’s perfectly acceptable not using any make up, but that is up to you. 

How to dress for an interview? (Men) 

In the case of men, the standard professional rule is to wear a two-piece suit. In this regard, a factor you can’t overlook is the size. Avoid using a blazer with big shoulder pads or pants that are not your size. The clothes you choose must fit you. The tie should be simple and in a color that fits the suit. 

Likewise, regarding the shoes, these have to be elegant, discrete and, as a general rule, black. Of course, other colors like brown are acceptable as long as these have a neutral hue. Don’t forget to polish and dust them. Going to an interview with dirty shoes is a detail that will be noticed by recruiters. 

The main accessory for men is a watch. The watch you select shouldn’t be very flashy. You don’t need to stand out for your accessories, but for your skills and personality. The hairstyle is another important aspect. Whether you have long or short hair, you need to keep it neat. That is not secondary since, depending on the organization, it could be relevant during the assessment. 

If you were wondering how to dress for a job interview, these are some variables you need to consider. With the right outfit and attention to detail, you will have a great performance during your next job interview.  

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