May 17, 2022

5 key aspects to have a good work environment

The work environment is that variable that can make or break productivity in an organization. Some people seem to believe that since they have adopted the remote work model, they don’t have to worry about good work atmosphere anymore. That is a mistake. The work environment comprises all interactions that take place working for the company, whether these happen at the office or at home. 

A good work climate must be enjoyable, respectful and create the perfect place for all employees to feel part of the group. It must emphasize good communication, which increases productivity in the organization. The work climate is the result of all human interactions, and that’s why the Human Resources area must always keep an eye on it. 

Additionally, we can’t forget that the work environment is one of the factors professionals value the most while looking for a job. Do you offer a good workplace environment? Here we share 5 key aspects that can help you create one or optimize the one you already have. 

How to create a good work environment? 

1. Offer a good onboarding process 

One of the best actions to foster a good work environment is to get every new employee to integrate correctly into the workplace. There isn’t a better way to integrate a newcomer than a good onboarding process. Do you offer a good process in your organization? Do you pay enough attention to it? 

When is created correctly, the onboarding process allows everyone in the organization, or at least in their area of work, to get to know and welcome the newcomer. This makes people to feel well received and valued. This way, it will be easier for them to assimilate into a group and get along with their coworkers. 

2. Create a code of conduct 

It is very difficult to create a good work environment if the company does not set in stone the behavior expected from its employees. That’s why another of the recommendations to have the best work climate possible is to create a code of conduct. This clearly sets the rules of behavior for everyone since their first day. 

As a result, all interactions between employees will be regulated by this code. Respect, cordiality and, of course, communication must be some of its core values. Additionally, you can establish a zero-tolerance policy for discriminatory or unethical attitudes. 

3. Keep frequent communication 

Keep frequent communication

One of the keys to avoid problems in any human group is a healthy dose of communication. A good working atmosphere is one in which regular interactions between employees happen in a friendly way. To achieve that you have to promote open communication as a fundamental part of your organizational culture. 

Keep in mind that having doubts at work is completely normal and the lack of communication can cause problems among coworkers. For that reason, you have to create clear communication lines and make them known by everyone on the organization. Emphasize that having doubts is normal and there is an appointed person in each team who they can go to when a question arises. 

4. Promote integration events 

For people to communicate and interact correctly it is necessary to get to know each other. Creating healthy work relationships is the first step to go from a group of people working together to a real working group. That’s why another suggestion to improve workplace is to promote integration events for employees. 

These are situations where employees can interact with each other outside of a context of work. This way you create a sense of belonging. It’s recommendable for the company to create company picnics, birthday celebrations and other similar events away from the responsibilities of work. 

5. Protect the mental health 

Sometimes work can get very demanding, which is one of the main causes of stress in employees. This happens frequently in organizations that seasonally increase their load of work. As a result, it affects people’s mental health and the work environment is not what one would hope for. In these cases, you have to focus in protecting your employees’ mind. 

To do that correctly, you can implement an employee wellness program focusing on this aspect. Through this program you can offer free psychological assistance for the ones who might need it. This will reduce the impact stress has on your employees. As a result, you can improve work environment. Never lose sight of the psychological health in the organization. 

These are some of the most important factors you have to consider to foster a good work environment. If you apply them, you will be to improve employees’ interactions and the productivity in the organization. 

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