November 22, 2021

How to get a work visa for the US: All you need to know

tThere are thousands of professionals looking to work in the United States. There might be several different reasons to work in this country. For example, since the US is a global powerhouse, the labor market is a lot wider and, therefore, there are more work opportunities.

Under the Federal Immigration, Reform and Control Act, people that are not part of this country must have some documents certifying they are authorized to work legally in the US. One of those documents is the work visa.

Do you want to know how to get a work visa for the US? Don’t worry! In Talent2Win we will show you all the documents you must have to get a work visa in the United States. It’s important to consider that some of this requirements might change according to your country’s embassy.

How can I get a work visa for USA?

Among the wide amount of visas that the United States embassy issues in Mexico, you must focus only in one. If you are interested in working legally in your specialty area, you must be granted the visa H-1B before your arrival.

This visa allows you to work in the United States for up to 3 years, but you also have the possibility to renew your work visa for another 3 years making it a total of 6 years.

How to get an H-1B visa?

Cómo tramitar la visa

  1. You must have completed studies

To obtain this type of visa you need 4 years of higher studies with the equivalent of a bachelor’s degree. In other words, you must have an equivalent professional education qualification or a higher degree in the particular area you will look for a job.

Additionally, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) will make sure if your profession is considered an specialized activity and if you are qualified to work in the country.

  1. You must be sponsored by an American company

You will need a work offer from an American employer. This will be verified by the Department of Labor and the corresponding authorities of the Immigration Services. If you already have one, you will be a step closer to get the visa H-1B.

At the same time, your employer must present an application to the Department of Labor. That will contain the details regarding the terms and conditions of the contract that has been arranged with you.

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What do you need to get a visa?

Once you have the work offer approved by the USCIS with the form I-129, you will need the following documentation:

  • A valid passport to travel to the United States valid for at least 6 months.
  • The Nonimmigrant Visa Application form and Alien Registration (DS/160).
  • Two photos meeting the embassy requirements.
  • Test of financial autonomy and economic self-sufficiency, such as bank account statements.
  • Complete medical examinations forms.

Additionally, on the day of the interview you must hand the confirmation letter, which indicates the appointment you have scheduled. Also, they might also ask you to hand further documentation to confirm the information you have given to the consular officer. This can be your Diploma of studies, employment contract, your resume, among other requirements.

These are the general requirements to get a visa you must have, but remember that you might also be asked for some complementary documents. That is why, as we mentioned at the beginning of this article, we recommend visiting the United States embassy in your country.

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