September 22, 2022

Employer ghosting: Why do employers stop communicating?

We all have been in a job interview where we have felt we made a good impression and we have left the office feeling optimistic. Since all companies say they will communicate with us briefly, we waited for a reply. The days passed and turned into weeks. No reply at all. Nothing. The organization just cuts all communication. That is a case of employer ghosting, which is one of the most uncomfortable situations for candidates. 

Are you aware of the causes that may be behind that problem? At T2W we have an extensive experience in selection processes, so we understand the way this problem works. In this article we will take a look at some of the reasons why an employer might ghost candidates and a couple of the actions you can take to face the situation. 

What is employer ghosting? 

What is employer ghosting

The term ghosting used in a work-related scenario refers to a situation where an employee, a candidate applying for a job or an organization during a recruitment process cuts all communication and vanishes with no explanation whatsoever. There are different types of ghosting related to work. In this case, since it’s the company the one that fails to respond the applicant, we are talking about employer ghosting. It’s important noting that this type of ghosting can happen in different stages of the recruitment process and not just during the interviews.  

Causes of employer ghosting 

First, it’s important to understand that not keeping communication with candidates and leaving them without a clear idea of their situation in the process is a recruitment malpractice for companies. This could happen due to several different reasons, some of them justifiable. Let’s see some of the causes of employer ghosting. 

1. A poor recruitment process 

Unfortunately, many organizations today have deficient recruitment processes. In these cases, the companies are fast to contact people with interesting profiles and are glad to receive resumes, but they forget about communication and candidate experience. In a good selection process, the recruiter keeps frequent communication with each applicant. 

Once the process reaches a new phase, the good recruiter always notifies al candidates: successful ones and the ones who didn’t make it to the next stage. Unfortunately, there is still a significant number of businesses that don’t show any kind of empathy towards candidates in the process. This is mainly due to lack of experience or disregard for the process. 

2. The process has changed 

Perhaps the reason why you haven’t heard from the company it’s because the employer is making changes in the recruitment process. More often than not, companies start looking for a professional with a specific set of skills, but, as they start checking candidates, they notice it’s necessary to expand the search and diversify the skill set necessary. That can delay the process, which forces applicants to wait longer than necessary. Don’t forget that in some cases these processes can extend for several months before selecting a candidate. 

3. A recruiter’s mistake 

On the other hand, it’s also possible that the employer does have a comprehensive recruitment process that takes into account candidate experience. However, due to short deadlines or the number of positions to fill, some recruiters could fail to notify all candidates. It’s also possible that most of the candidates have received a message, but due to malfunction of the ATS system or human error, the message didn’t reach you. It’s necessary taking this into account to face the situation the right way. 

How to deal with employer ghosting? 

1. Contact the organization directly 

Ok, if you haven’t heard from the company in a while and you feel you have waited enough, the first step is to communicate directly with the company. For some candidates, this is an unnecessary step and they just look for another job. However, if you have invested too much time in the process and you want to know the results or if the position you are applying to is really attractive for you, you should definitely contact the organization. How to reach the company correctly? 

First, avoid reaching the company through social media, Messenger or other similar channels, since you just will be talking to marketing people and not recruiters. You have to use the same channel they used to reach you. If they wrote you on LinkedIn, use that channel. If you received a phone call, call the same number. Finally, never forget that you have to be as formal as possible.  

2. Ask about the process indirectly 

If the previous alternative is not effective, you can try to get more information about the process indirectly. To do this correctly, you need to use your contact network. Through your professional connections, you can attempt to communicate with somebody who works at that company and ask about that current status of the process. The effectiveness of this will rely on your networking skills. 

We have seen some of the main reasons why employers stop communicating with candidates during the recruitment process. Keep in mind that there could be several causes for the lack of communication and not just rejection. In any case, reaching the company and asking will solve all your doubts. 

At Talent2Win, we strive to align your company’s business objectives with the best Talent Acquisition strategies available. If you want to learn more about the services we offer, do not hesitate to contact us.  

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