January 14, 2022

Why is cultural fit assessment important during the recruitment process?

Generally, when looking for new talent, most HR departments tend to just focus on candidates with the best qualifications and resumés, or impressive backgrounds that may have an impact on their business’ futures. However, after a while, these ideal candidates seem to have issues to fit perfectly in the position and the reason is none other than the cultural fit assessment was not included in the recruitment process. 

The work environment is perhaps one of the most important aspects to decide, as workers, whether to apply for a job; or as employers, to choose a candidate who will correctly adapt to our values, beliefs, attitudes and behaviors within our organization.  

At Talent2Win, we believe that the most successful employees are not only those who generate some monetary return to their companies, but also those who fit perfectly into the existing culture. We strongly believe that a cultural fit assessment is a key part of the recruitment process. That is why in the next article, we will talk about the importance of a cultural fit assessment and how to achieve a successful one to find the right-fit for your company. 

Why Assessing Cultural Fit is Important? 

Who would not like to work in a place where we not only grow professionally but where we really feel comfortable day by day with the environment that surrounds us? It is proven that a positive workplace culture can benefit not only the company’s employees but the business itself. In addition to attracting the best talent, a strong and positive environment can retain great talent and genuinely commit them to the values and beliefs of the firm they work for. 

For us, workplace culture is a very meaningful item to consider because it is finally how an organization is perceived from the outside. 

Talent2Win Cultural Fit Assessment Methodology 

Communication is one of the pillars to achieve success in whatever we set out to do. At Talent2Win, we listen carefully and actively to all your organization’s needs to find someone who really adapts to your culture. Thanks to this, we will not only be able to interview candidates correctly, but also understand more about your company in order to find those talents that will make a difference and, why not, generate a great impact as well.  

In addition to investigating the background of each talent, it is extremely necessary that the professionals we are recommending not only answer correctly the questions we will ask them during the interview, but behave in the expected way, since this can be a very decisive factor when it comes to deciding.  

The in-depth questions will help us discover how candidates have approached a variety of work situations in the past, as well as find out if their way of resolving conflicts fits with what your team is looking for. We know it can be very challenging to find a talent that may not adapt correctly or that would take too long to do so, so we take very seriously this step.  

How to Assess Cultural Fit in an Interview? 

How to Assess Cultural Fit

Regardless of how attractive the position that needs to be filled is, if the right-fit is not found, it is very likely that you will have an available vacancy in a short time. Since we emphasize that cultural fit is a key piece to the success of any recruitment process, we are now going to talk about how this can be assessed with an interview. 

We know that, at first glance, it sounds complicated, because to be certain about a candidate you first need to go through at least a couple of stages. However, there are key questions to get an idea if you are on the right track with a talent. 

In the first place, it is important to ask the candidate about their perception of organizational culture to know if that notion is aligned with the one you practice at your company. With this, you can measure how much that person knows about your firm, or if they really did some research or, in any case, if they feel motivation to belong to a business that offers them a comfortable and motivating place to work. 

Do not hesitate to ask things that at first impression may seem negative, such as the main problems in the offices nowadays or if they see an opportunity for improvement in the culture of the organizations in which they have worked before. With these questions you will learn the candidates’ insight, as well as be able to know in advance if the candidate could fit in with some situations that may have already happened in your company. 

Hiring for Cultural Fit vs Hiring for Skills 

The most successful talent must exhibit both the qualifications necessary to get the job done and the essential fit necessary to work effectively within an organization. And while it is true that a company should adapt to many different types of people and backgrounds to really strengthen the team, here we will analyze what type of hiring is the most suitable for you. 

Before you start hiring, take the time to identify the values ​​and behaviors that create your workplace culture. This includes your own behavior, and of course, your employees. Once you really know and understand the circumstances of work, you should ask yourself: do you prefer a candidate with an excellent background and the best qualifications, or would you be willing to accept a talent who challenges your thinking with new ideas and innovative ways of managing situations? 

This is a decision that will always fall entirely on the company seeking the position, but it will also depend on what the cultural fit of your company is so that you can hire employees who can be successful in every aspect. 

How can we help your company to assess a great cultural fit? 

At Talent2Win, we understand how important it is for any company to have information about the current market and at the same time meet its requirements for the position. For this reason, we provide access to all the insights that you must know from the point of view of the candidates. To achieve this, we use the assistance of experts who not only have extensive knowledge in the search for a candidate, but who are concerned about actively listening to what your company needs. 

We currently have an existing talent pipeline of over 500 million potential candidates from which you can review shortly after completing your initial consultation. This is a greater volume of talent than could be found through traditional sourcing channels and that will significantly reduce the time it would take a traditional recruiting process to find that perfect candidate.  

Also, as we all know, Artificial Intelligence is a step into the future for everyone. Being a 100% digital Talent Acquisition company, we have a hiring process that not only simplifies our lives but can easily adapt to the needs of your business. Our innovative AI recruiting tools can help you conduct more efficient interviews that will allow you to determine if potential candidates would align with your company culture and values. 

At Talent2Win, we strive to align your company’s business objectives with the best Talent Acquisition strategies available. If you want to learn more about the services we offer, do not hesitate to contact us. 

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