June 17, 2022

How to boost employee morale and motivation? 5 key factors

Nowadays, employee satisfaction and wellbeing are very important for the Human Resources area and organizations in general. As a consequence, motivation at work is one of the most relevant aspects in modern companies. Keep in mind that there is a direct correlation between employee motivation and the company’s productivity.  

Additionally, an employee with high motivation is less likely to leave the company, which helps reducing the rotation rate. As a result, there are two questions organizations must answer: What’s the level of employee morale in the company? Do you know how to boost employee morale and motivation? In this article we will show you some of the main factors that will help you increase employee motivation. 

1. Acknowledge achievements and contributions 

Human beings have the natural need to be acknowledged and valued for their efforts. While employees receive a salary, that is the necessary payment for their job and it doesn’t entail recognition. Put yourself in your employees’ shoes: Imagine you work the best you can 8 hours daily for five or six days a week, but you never receive a message of appreciation from your supervisor or the company. That affects engagement and morale. 

In order to improve motivation at work some people create employee recognition programs. These are plans specially created to bring some light over the effort workers make. This acknowledgment should be done in accordance with the organization’s objectives. These programs usually end up with public recognition inside the company, bonuses, academic grants, days off, etc. This way, motivation increases at work and the company performance improves.  

2. Promote professional growth 

Promote professional growth 

The lack of career growth is one of the main causes behind a low employee morale. Modern professionals need to constantly further their career. For that reason, many people consider career opportunities as important as a good salary. This is why so many people start having a poor performance at work when they are in a position where they can’t learn anything new and their chances of getting to higher positions are little or nonexistent. 

One of the best ways to motivate employees and increase productivity is to create an employee wellness program focused on education and professional growth. Offer a career path within the company and give employees career goals they can aim to. Also, focus on offering constant training through courses, seminars and grants. This way, you not only get engaged workers but also more capable professionals. 

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3. Stay away from micromanagement at work 

Micromanagement is a management style where the manager, a leader or a supervisor controls every little action of the team members. While it can be positive to have someone who pays attention to detail and with a clear vision of what needs to be done, having excessive control over other people can be detrimental for the performance. For most people, it’s not easy working with that kind of professionals. Since employees can’t find space for autonomy and creativity, motivation at work usually falls. 

In general, employees should be told the main objectives and the correct procedure for the tasks. However, they should keep enough freedom to make the choices they deem correct when these are within their responsibilities. This way, supervisors and the company as a whole shows they really trust their workers and, as a result, there is a boost in employee morale. 

4. Foster employee interaction 

A professional who knows the people in the team and has certain level of familiarity with them has a higher level of motivation at work. Keep in mind that all human beings need to socialize and build relationships with the people around. Also, it is very difficult to have a real work team when the members don’t really know each other. 

Collaboration and teamwork, key aspects on any organization, are easily attainable when people inside the organization know and trust their coworkers. It also is useful when it comes to coordinating joint actions and maximizing the strengths and potential of each employee. 

For this reason, one of the best methods to increase employee motivation is to foster interaction between coworkers. Many people choose to organize events such celebrating employees’ birthdays and gatherings on special dates. Some other companies also organize events outside the working environment. That is perfect to know a new side of the people inside the organization and foster integration. 

If you wanted to know how to increase employee motivation, these are some actions that will help you. Always pay attention to employee engagement and morale at work and you will secure the company’s productivity.  

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