May 17, 2022

How to balance personal and professional life?

How often do you take work home with you? Do you have the habit of getting dome work done during the weekends? It’s not a secret that the modern work life demands a lot from people. Nowadays workloads are very heavy and the working hours are increasingly longer. As if that wasn’t enough, we have to add the rise of telecommuting in the current professional world. 

As a consequence, the boundaries between professional and personal live are beginning to fade. That can cause stress and issues in the personal life of workers. At T2W we are experts in Human Resources and we understand this problem. That’s why in this article we will show you how to balance personal and professional life. 

1. Request digital disconnection 

For most people, telecommuting is the perfect form of work: it’s more comfortable being at home than at the office, you avoid traffic at peak hours and you get extra time to expend with family and friends. However, some people take advantage of this model to demand more from employees. In the mind of some employers, since the personnel is at home, they are always available for more tasks. 

If in your current job the organization doesn’t pay attention to the digital disconnection, you need to talk to your supervisor. There is no need to have a belligerent attitude. You just have to say that you are currently working a lot more hours than the ones specified in your contract and you need to spend more time with your family. If this request is dismissed or dejected, this could be the right time to find a new professional path. After all, there is nothing as important as your mental health. 

2. Silence all work notifications 

Silencia las notificaciones 

It is possible that in your job your boss actually pays attention to the digital disconnection and you don’t have to complete tasks beyond your working hours. However, for many people is normal to keep receiving in the inbox an endless amount of requests and documents for the next day even after the end of the workday.  

That is unhealthy and keeps you from finding balance between your personal and professional life. Despite you are not at work anymore, as the mails keep coming your mind is still thinking about all you will have to do the next day. Mentally, you are still at the office, which generate stress. For that reason is best to silence all cellphone notifications from your work email once the workday is over. This way you keep your job responsibilities within your working hours. 

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3. Create a home office space 

As we previously mentioned, telecommuting is one of the most common ways of working today. If you are currently working from home, where do you usually work? Many people choose to work from their favorite sofa while others grab the laptop and don’t leave the bed. While that can offer some level of comfort, you are also expanding your work life and let it occupy your personal spaces at home. 

If you really want to find balance between professional and personal life, you have to create an office space within your home. It would be perfect if you have a special room you can use as your office. However, if that isn’t possible you can arrange a corner in your living room or a desk in your bedroom. This way, you spend your working hours in that space and when the day of over you can turn off your computer and move away from your job.  

Additionally, try to dress just like you would do at the office in a regular day and change clothes once the work is done. That is a physical way to represent the end of your job and the beginning of your free time. If possible, keep a special laptop for job and another for your personal stuff. That is another way to separate both sides of your life. 

4. Find a hobby 

What do you usually do once the workday is over? Some people go to the gym, other focus on learning a musical instrument and some other love to reed new books. However, some professionals don’t have a defined hobby, which leaves them with a lot of free time and not much to do. What is the result? Theirs mind go towards the subject that occupies most of their day: the job. 

This way, the professional life becomes the most relevant aspect in the life of many people not because they want it but because there isn’t anything more important. It is necessary to find hobbies that can help you escape your job. It has to be something you really like and you are eager to do once the workday is over. Remember: during your free time, your mind should focus only in your hobbies, your family and friends. 

These actions will help you create the balance between personal and professional life. Finding the limit between both will have a positive effect on your physical and mental health. 

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