October 6, 2023

A look into the integration of artificial intelligence in recruitment

Today it is easy to see that we are in the age of digital transformation. Companies in different professional sectors are increasingly adopting new technologies into their processes. Of all these significant advances, artificial intelligence is one of the most fascinating. It has the potential to change forever all the processes of an organization, which includes the recruitment process. 

Are you familiar with the breakthroughs of artificial intelligence in recruitment? At T2W we have great experience in personnel recruitment and outsourcing, so we have an eye on the future. In this article we’ll take a look at the main possibilities of AI in recruitment. 

AI in recruitment  

Artificial intelligence can take different forms and integrate into many stages of the recruitment process. The following are just some of the most attractive technological breakthroughs in this field. 

1. Interview robots 

Not too long ago we saw the arrival of Vera on the personnel recruitment scene. If you never heard of her, you must know that it’s artificial intelligence in talent acquisition, which can deal with the job interviews. Vera is capable of reaching the candidates and interviewing them on the phone.  

In fact, Vera is able to make about 40,000 calls and send 37,000 emails in a month. Therefore, she is able to handle a large number of job interviews in quite short time periods. That speeds up the recruitment process and reduces the waiting time for candidates. In addition, this increased sufficiency reduces considerably the costs associated with the process by 50%. 

Another great benefit is that since it is free from all the recruitment biases, it offers more fair and inclusive processes. In fact, the program makes sure to use always the same questions for all candidates, just as it would be with a structured interview. 

All these benefits caught the attention of international giants such as Ikea and Pepsi, and they integrated this technology into their processes. Of course, this type of AI in recruitment and selection shouldn’t be the only force behind the interviews phase. However, the potential this technology has to optimize the recruitment process is evident.  

2. ATS systems 

We have just seen that artificial intelligence can be applied in the interview stage. However, it can also be quite useful while dealing with a large number of resumes. Here enters the picture an element that is getting increasingly common in the world of recruitment: ATS systems. You probably have heard about these or maybe already have one. 

If you are not familiar with it, you need to know this is software that can assist us in many stages of the process. One of its most common and attractive characteristics is its ability to receive, analyze and rate candidates’ resumes. 

In general, ATS can scan documents received from applicants. It can read resumes and analyze them in search of keywords relevant for the job position. These words and phrases are set by the recruiter beforehand and can be specific skills or knowledge. That way, the ATS can perform a preliminary analysis of the candidates and their suitability for the position. 

Some brands can help rating and classifying each candidate based on their resume. This saves time and speeds up the total time the process will take. It’s interesting noting that in general, ATS can’t identify images and extract meaning from them. Therefore, adding images of pictures ends up being unnecessary. Likewise, details such as names, gender or personal information lose relevance. That helps us have a blind recruitment process. 

3. Chatbots in recruitment 

Offering a good candidate experience is a key requirement for the modern recruitment process. How much time do you usually invest in answering the questions and doubts of the applicants? More often than not, this takes more time than we would like. Even sometimes we end up speaking with candidates outside working hours. 

Well, chartbots in recruitment are a modern solution for better interaction thanks to the RPA in recruitment. Chatbots work with artificial intelligence and can be trained to answer the most common questions candidates usually have. Even better, they can offer automatic updates as the process goes from one stage to the other. 

Of course, this requires integrating chartbots into an ATS that monitors the process and its stages. The best part is that this works 24, so the recruiters are free to deal with other aspects of the process. And we can’t talk about chartbots without mentioning the potential of ChatGPT in recruitment. 

The arrival of ChatGPT has caught the world of recruitment by surprise. It’s possible to integrate this artificial intelligence with an ATS and train it to interact with the applicants.  As you know, ChatGPT can offer answers that feel truly human. If you give it the right information, you can be sure candidates won’t be able to notice they are talking to an artificial intelligence. 

These are some of the most relevant breakthroughs of AI in the hiring process. As professionals of this field, we need to adapt to these and other new technologies since our ability to adapt has a direct influence over our processional growth.

At Talent2Win, we strive to align your company’s business objectives with the best Talent Acquisition strategies available. If you want to learn more about the services we offer, do not hesitate to contact us.  

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