The leader as axis of motivation: How to motivate and acknowledge my employees?

What are the skills a leader requires to motivate and acknowledge the employees? How to communicate with employees? How many types of leadership are there? How to motivate employees properly? Can employee recognition really help the company get better results?


If you have ever made yourself those questions, we invite you to relive with us this Webinar of T2WPerú!


How to motivate and acknowledge employees



… Most of the times, leaders only focus on recognizing the organizational objectives. We have to start to recognize the individual objectives of employees. Congratulate and acknowledge these objectives helps creating an “emotional connection between the leader and the employee”…

Eduardo Torres

Master Degree in Strategic Management of Human Factor

Master Degree in Human Factor, in charge of the design of workshops that help developing human abilities.

Katherine Diaz Venero

Co-Founder Talent2Win

Psychologist specialized in Human Resources, Management and Personnel Administration with more than 10 years of experience in talent acquisition.

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