The Hubris Syndrome and its impact in the work environment

Do you notice in one or many Top Managers of the company unrealistic thoughts or delusions of grandeur? Maybe you have noticed despotic behavior, and whimsical or childish reactions.

When selecting somebody for a leadership position, it is important to consider the psychological and social risk that type of job causes.

The Hubris Syndrome is known as the leader sickness and many of the great problems in the performance and organizational environment of companies are related to this syndrome and the people who suffer it.


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The Hubris syndrome


…Assuming a leadership position in a company requires very solid set of soft skills in order to avoid the delusions of grandeur and abnormal behaviors that shape the “Hubris Syndrome”…

Juan David Tous

Talent management Specialist | Social Communicator

Developed different researches and campaigns related to Human Talent Management and the economic, social and cultural aspects of labor markets.

Juan Lizárraga

Founder & CEO Talent2Win | Senior Executive MBA

Dynamic leader focused on collaboration and finding innovative solutions to ensure business results.

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