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FAQS: Choosing the right talent acquisition partnership

We know it is a crucial decision for your business and we want to help you in this process.

Talent Acquisition and Recruiting share the same goal: hiring talent. While Recruitment focus on filling open positions and solve HR department immediate needs, Talent Acquisition strategy focuses on long term human resources planning in order to identify specialists, leaders and future executives. Talent acquisition aligns with your company’s goals like retention, salary, development, etc so you have the right people for all roles now or in the future.

A Talent Acquisition partner already has a database of capable potential candidates, which cuts down searching time and increases the efficiency of the process. They can give you real-time insight into the current market while fulfilling your requirements for the role, like salary expectations and attitude in the workplace.

A Talent Acquisition partnership consists of listening and understanding the client’s business culture, workforce requirements, and growth needs in order to create the proper strategy to find the right fit, to fill positions within the client’s organization. It also goes beyond just hiring, it includes training, upskilling, reskilling, performance reviews, recruitment metrics, and many other. that can be added to the company’s KPI analysis.

At Talent2Win we learn about your company’s culture and business goals from you, what kind of talent your company requires, our expert consultants will share with you how the market looks like on the talent front and what are the real expectations from it. We listen to what you require and use specialist knowledge to search on your behalf, offering support and advice throughout the whole process.

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