January 16, 2022

It Recruitment: Which Company Is Right For You?

What company, regardless of the field of expertise, would not like to expand quickly? While this dream comes true, it will definitely be beneficial to hire an external recruitment agency that searches for the right talent. Now, if we talk particularly about the field of specialized IT, you cannot rely completely on in-house, because unfortunately it is quite likely that the HR department will find more than one obstacle while searching due to the specific skills that are sought in this type of work. 

In this kind of business, we know that neither the trajectory or qualifications can measure their work capacity, since in general, IT profiles can also be self-taught professionals who are digital natives. In this case, how do you identify a perfect candidate to take a position in your business? Well, that is what a Talent Acquisition company is for. 

Although each search process is different and all styles of recruitment have their advantages and disadvantages, at Talent2Win we want to help you and your company to make the right choice. 

Is an IT Recruitment Agency a good option? 

For this type of case, we can also find other companies such as IT recruitment agencies besides Talent Acquisition companies. The first and most obvious advantage of hiring them it is because of its large and extensive database filled exclusively with IT talent. This can shorten the search process, making it quick and efficient, and that could even lead to faster hiring and adapting processes.  

Another significant point to consider is that IT recruitment agencies have as their main hook their expertise for the skills and technical knowledge that a talent must-have. This means that interviews would be more technical and rigorous, surpassing the results that could be expected from an in-house Human Resources department. 

Why not only choose an IT Recruitment Agency?

Let us be honest. There are few downsides to using a specialized IT recruitment agency to hire IT talent. If what your company is looking for is a specific profile, then without a doubt these types of companies are the best option for you. 

But, if your case is that of a quickly expanding firm, then relying on just one company for all the recruitment needs that will come in the upcoming months can be at least dangerous, because it will be necessary to turn to other avenues of hiring for positions outside of the IT department. This is where the option of a Talent Acquisition agency becomes the most appropriate one. 

How can a Talent Acquisition Company help your business? 

Talent Acquisition Company 

A Talent Acquisition company undoubtedly has a much broader understanding of the workforce as a whole, without forgetting any area of the company, thus offering a much more complete and accurate service to clients. 

The main weapon of this type of agencies, much difference from an IT recruitment agency, is the openness and expertise to help their clients in the hiring needs, avoiding the worry about defining the roles or the doubts about the suitability of the candidates, besides the other logistical debates that arise with the hiring of an external company. 

At Talent2Win, we have specialized knowledge in a wide range of fields, which means that we can remain competitive in the field of IT recruitment, but without neglecting other areas of a company. 

Our Talent Acquisition service is based on innovation. We use smart technology tools to offer you and your company the most modern recruitment techniques that guarantee effective results based on tangible data. 

We can offer precise information due to the data we obtain from the Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology we work with, which is even capable of analysis predictions, making its results better and faster, thus forgetting about a potential human error. 

Compared to an IT recruitment company, our Talent Acquisition company has a broader talent pipeline database. We believe that relying on technology means being able to reach people beyond geographical boundaries, having the ability to access a broader spectrum of qualified candidates. 

And if all these reasons still did not convince you, Talent Acquisition companies can also offer reduced fees and offer discounts while hiring multiple positions, making it a more effective choice for businesses looking to maintain a relationship and expand over time.

What is the best option for you? 

Why consider an agency with a specific purpose over a company that thinks as a whole and is dedicated to repowering your business by taking it one step ahead of the rest? 

Now, if your needs are niche and specific to IT, then an IT recruitment agency can be a better choice. However, if your recruitment needs are broader or you plan to expand quickly, then your best bet would be to invest in the future of your firm and go for a Talent Acquisition company that not only would build a relationship with you but would also fulfill all your needs in every aspect. 

By taking advantage of the most cutting-edge technologies, we provide our clients with unparalleled support and an excellent source of talent for companies. Are you ready to secure the perfect match for your business?  

At Talent2Win, we strive to align your company’s business objectives with the best Talent Acquisition strategies available. If you want to learn more about the services we offer, do not hesitate to contact us. 

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