June 19, 2023

What are the possibilities of ChatGPT in recruitment?

ChatGPT is one of the most popular technological developments in the last years. It has turned into the most rapidly adopted technology in history. We can say it has the potential to revolutionize all professional fields, which includes talent recruitment. Considering all this, are you familiar with ChatGPT? 

Perhaps you’ve already used it a couple times, but you are still not sure about how to get its full potential at work. At T2W we love implementing new technologies in recruiting, so this is a field we are eager to delve into. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the possibilities of ChatGPT in recruitment and how to implement it into your regular processes. 

What is ChatGPT? 

This is an artificial intelligence language model that can partially understand human language. This tool can provide quick answers to simple and complex questions. The most interesting part about it is the human-like way to offer answers and keep conversations. 

The interaction feels almost as if we were chatting with another person. However, ChatGPT is not able to understand completely the huge complexity of human language, nor have real conversations. Actually, this AI is a predictive and generative model of words and it’s programmed with a vast amount of information. 

So, if this AI can’t completely understand human language, how is it able to offer answers in a human-like way? This is because it uses a neural network, which is part of machine learning technology. These networks are information processing models that work in a similar way to humans. This allows machines to process natural language (NLP). 

Keep in mind that computers can’t really understand things the same way we do. They understand everything through numbers and in a mathematical way. There lies the difficulty these machines experience to generate responses that feel human. 

In fact, GPT stands for Generative Pre-trained Transformer. This refers to the capacity this AI has to generate words and express them in a semi-human way, for which it has been trained. Since it generates words and has a large amount of information, the content it offers is not taken from the internet but it’s original. 

ChatGPT in recruitment 

ChatGPT can be used in several stages of the recruitment process: from creating job ads up to notifying the candidates who passed and those who failed. These are some of the functions it could have in recruitment. 

1. Resume analysis 

One of the main characteristics of ChatGPT is written text processing. Resumes are one of the documents we recruiters receive in dozens. Then, depending on the characteristics of the job position, ChatGPT can read all the resumes and analyze them. Finally, it will hand you a list of the candidates classified according to the position.  

2. Interview scheduling 

Another task that can be simplified with the help of ChatGPT is scheduling job interviews with candidates. Since this technology offers human-like interactions and real-time responses, it can coordinate with applicants the date and time for each interview. This is very helpful since the task can be repetitive and time-consuming.  

3. Initial interviewing 

As we know, all recruitment processes are comprised of a series of stages.  This process can be even more detailed and strict if you add an additional filter; one made by an artificial intelligence. If it knows the characteristics desired for each position, ChatGPT is able to interview candidates and determine if they fit the position or not. 

4. Answering frequent questions 

In general, applicants tend to have many questions during the recruitment process. These usually are related to the job position or the company, and it’s important to answer these quickly to offer good candidate experience. ChatGPT can solve all those questions as fast as they arrive. 

5. Creating emails 

Once the ideal candidate has been chosen, it’s time to notify the people who didn’t get the position. This is also a key action for a good candidate experience. ChatGPT can handle all these emails and notify the applicants in an empathetic and positive way. This same process can be applied to notify the candidates who did make it to the next stage. 

How to integrate ChatGPT to an ATS? 

You are probably wondering how you can integrate this technology into your processes. Ok, one effective way to implement ChatGPT in a recruitment process is through an ATS system. Of course, this will require the collaborative effort of recruiters and software developers. 

We have just seen some of the ways we could apply ChatGPT in our processes. Now it’s necessary to integrate the interactive capacity of ChatGPT into our ATS. To achieve that, we must choose a messaging app that can be compatible with the ATS as well as ChatGPT. Don’t worry, you can do that with alternatives such as Teams or Slack. 

The next step is to give ChatGPT all the information related to recruitment processes. This can change depending on the way the process works in each organization and the specific needs of each job position. As you can imagine, this is the point where recruiters and developers need to work together. 

The objective is getting ChatGPT to familiarize itself with the tasks it will perform and program the interactions it must keep. Since ChatGPT can adapt to different writing styles, you will be able to customize the style of the answers according to your preferences. The technical work done by the developers must be adapted for the selection process with the help of expert recruiters.  

Once the integration and programming stage is done, it’s time to test the results. This must be a careful process. After all, the last thing you want is to have unsuccessful interactions with candidates. There will always be details to correct and optimize, so you need to keep monitoring the performance frequently. 

Now you know what is ChatGPT and some of its possibilities in the world of recruitment. Having a grasp of this new technology is one of the characteristics that will define future recruiters. Don’t hesitate to integrate it into your processes! 

At Talent2Win, we strive to align your company’s business objectives with the best Talent Acquisition strategies available. If you want to learn more about the services we offer, do not hesitate to contact us.       

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