Talent Acquisition and Modern Recruitment Techniques

When it comes to recruitment, there are plenty of different methodologies to take into account before a company selects the right one. There are many variables to consider as you do this, from the budget, time, to the role that requires filling.

It is important to consider the type of candidate you would like to attract because depending on the skill set required and the level of expertise necessary for the role it can be difficult to find the right fit for a company.

Depending on the resources available, it may be beneficial to consider hiring an external source, in other words, a Talent Acquisition agency to find the ideal candidates for the role. This slashes the strain on internal resources and guarantees a much larger pool of candidates to choose from.

What are the Different Methods of Recruitment?

Broadly speaking, there are two main types of recruitmenttraditional and modern. Below, we detail each one in-depth.

1. Traditional Recruitment

In traditional recruitment, generally, the search is conducted internally by the Human Resources department. It can include methods such as internal promotion, the use of existing networks within the company, and advertising through traditional methods.

In this context, traditional methods refer to print advertising, a vacancy being put on your companies website or in the local employment office. Even temp agencies can be useful, as long as the job is relatively low-skilled.

While traditional methodologies have worked well for a long time, a new era of technology is being hustled. Traditional methodologies for recruitment are being pushed out for being too expensive and too time-consuming for the modern workplace setting. It is also an ineffective way of searching for truly rare-finds within industries.

This style of recruitment has given way to modern recruitment styles.

2. Modern Recruitment

Modern Recruitment harnesses the power of technology to track down potential candidates. This typically includes online job boards and Social Media sites, usually LinkedIn, but other Social Media channels can be used if it is deemed appropriate for the company and the role requirements.

Other styles of recruitment can also be considered as modern recruitment, such as online recruitment agencies and Inbound Marketing.

Modern recruitment styles save the company’s Human Resources department a lot of time in comparison to traditional methods. A paper-run advert takes time to print, and further time to receive the applications. It then presents a burden on the department responsible for filtering through all of the resumes in order to find suitable candidates, and then even more time to begin the interview process. This process is time-consuming and a drain on resources.

An alternative option would be to hire the services of a Talent Acquisition agency. This is beneficial because it means that only a final shortlist of qualified candidates is presented to the company.

They simply need to interview each one and decide which would be the best fit for the organizational culture. It’s time-efficient and, depending on the fee of the recruitment agency, can be extremely cost-efficient as well as most agencies only expect payment after the right candidate is found.

Recruitment agencies also have a much better pool of resources and a much better existing network of contacts, as well as utilizing other modern recruitment methodologies that could be used by the HR department. What does this mean for your company? It means that you are more likely to find the perfect match much faster than you would be using in-house recruitment techniques.

Modern Recruitment Methodologies Used by Talent2Win

At Talent2Win we have some of the most innovative and fresh ideas in the business, and unlike other recruitment agencies, there is total transparency throughout the entire process. We can offer you the best and most modern recruitment techniques in the market:

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) to ensure data-driven results. This means that we can deliver better and more accurate insights from data, and even predict analytics, making your results better and faster each time.
  2. AI for customer relationship management. We can constantly implement different strategies in order to ensure steady growth of your talent base, in turn shortening the length of time necessary for finding the perfect fit for the role.
  3. Real-time progress and monitoring. We work totally online, which means that you can check our progress in real-time using our surprisingly detailed applicant tracking system. You can also leave comments on each candidate and with constant customer support, you can be as involved as you are comfortable with.
  4. Artificial Intelligence-driven talent pipelines. We use technology to find the right applicant from a pool of active candidates who are waiting to start. This speeds up the process of finding the right fit and means that you don’t need to worry about the potential of human error.

By taking advantage of the most cutting edge technologies, we provide our clients with a user-friendly interface that is a cut above the rest. With it’s only tracking process, clients have never been more involved and more active in the search while still maintaining the benefits of using a recruitment agency. With some of the best fees in the industry, there is no reason to wait.